Borré’s return to River was complicated and Demichelis made a decision

The novel by Rafael Santos Borré y River has been stretching for days. The Millionaire knows the striker’s situation at Eintracht Frankfurt and that is why his departure was not going to be so complicated, but from Germany They do not want to give away to the Colombian. In addition, in the middle of the fight, he got into tigers of mexicoa more than difficult market for The band.

Delete does not have the minutes you want to have more opportunities in the Colombian national team and that is why with his representative he emerged to walk his departure from the German club. The complicated thing is that the player only goes out for salebecause the new sports director does not want to give it on loan.


River’s economy does not allow him to buy the scorer’s pass in the cycle of Marcelo Gallardo. From Europe they ask for 15,000,000 dollars, something impossible for an Argentine team, which is why they sought a loan. But in the middle is the Mexican entity that could be key in all the negotiations.


From Mexico they want to have Borré, but they have to get rid of a foreigner, that’s why they offered the club nunezto the Uruguayan front Nicholas tooth Lopez, in order to pave the way and hire Borré. Likewise from the Teutonic cast rejecting the offer of 12,000,000 dollars and Martín Demichelis, with the arrival of Salomón Rondón, would have closed the reinforcements in the lead.