Brazil: the Government denounces preparations for a new destabilizing demonstration

Ana Priscila Azevedo is one of the leaders of the coup attempt in Brazil, who He again called for mobilizations to bring down the Lula government da Silva. She is one of the 1,500 people who were arrested after the incidents registered on Sunday, January 8. Now, there are already more than 600 people who have recovered their freedom.

Too, ordered the arrest of Anderson Torres, former Minister of Justice of the president Jair Bolsonaro and the commander of the district of the military police of the Federal District, Colonel Favio Augusto, removed from office after the riots.

The security forces and the authorities of Brasilia are the object of criticism for his actions during the outrages. Filmed videos posted on social media show police officers filming the attacks instead of intervening.

Brazil: Lula da Silva reinforces his mandate in the face of attempts at instability against his Government

“Brazilian democracy remains firm”, Said Lula, who considers as “terrorist acts” to what happened in Brasilia. “We are going to recover the country from hatred and disunity,” she said. In addition, Congress was thanked for allowing the federal intervention of the security forces and for the attack that took place on Sunday at the headquarters of the three powers of the State, “It was carried out by a group of crazy people, who still did not understand that the 2022 elections are over”.

Meanwhile, in Argentina the federal judge of mar del plata alfredo lopez was denounced for poor performance and other crimes, including having supported presumably the attempt to break the institutional order in Brazil. The complaint presented by the president of the Alameda Foundation, Néstor Escudero, also recalls in its foundations that last March, López published the image of a Green Ford Flacón with the hashtag “Argentina since conception”

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