Bullrich approaches a sector of the UCR: he will have a photo with Valdés, Losada and Naidenoff

The movements in Together for Change are accelerating and each joint image of leaders begins to take on a special meaning. In this context, after the photo of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta with the radicals Gerardo Morales and Martín Lousteau in Mar del Plata, which some already laughingly mention as “the little Beatles”, Patricia Bullrich will also have her postcard with co-religionists this Thursday. The national festival of Chamamé, in Corrientes, will be the venue for a meeting with the local governor Gustavo Valdés and the couple Carolina Losada and Luis Naidenoff, among other leaders of the centenary party.

Close to the Corrientes president, who was the one who issued the invitations, they seek to reduce the political relevance of the meeting and assure that Valdés will do the same as he does with any leader of Together for Change who arrives in his province. However, the sources of radicalism are based on the fact that there is a sector of the party, including him, that is determined to distance himself from Morales’s strategy of getting closer to the head of the Buenos Aires government.

“The approach to Horacio has generated that many people in the UCR discover that the discussion was always who negotiated with the PRO. And in that agreement, Martín and Gerardo do the job of wearing down Mauricio”, assures a radical leader. “That is why those who are not in that logic first went to look for Facundo (Manes), but since his candidacy is not working now they go for Patricia,” he adds.

The question that remains open in many heads, both from radicalism and from the PRO, is whether the rapprochement with Bullrich is genuine and willing to put together an internal agreement or are they mere signs that Valdés and company are sending Morales, but above all to Larreta, so that he does not believe that he can negotiate with him in the name of all radicalism.

Alfredo Cornejo had been the first of the radical references to appear close to the former Minister of Security and to flirt with an armed group. Valdés has been having an increasingly tense relationship with Morales; The man from Corrientes seeks to carve more and more strength in party decisions but the man from Jujuy is often criticized for his centralism. Losada, meanwhile, is one of the prominent figures in radicalism, with serious possibilities of competing for the governorship of Santa Fe or even integrating a presidential formula. A formula with two women? “I have already heard it in several leader tables, and I have a lot of power,” says a voice from JxC who speculates with a Bullrich-Losada formula. It automatically stops: “There is still a lot to go.”

In that time that remains until the definitions, each space will try to add more support. “We have to be firm in the narrative and united, with an orderly competition and without cheap shots,” anticipates a leader who has been warning that the ruling party “is increasingly competitive.” “They remain united despite having insurmountable differences, they unify the story and in front of us we are divided. If the competition will be how the devices are stolen, I don’t think they will help us, ”he says.

Today there are more and more voices that see a primary between Rodríguez Larreta and Bullrich as inevitable, with sectors of radicalism joining the ranks of both spaces. “Patricia generates more credibility due to her convictions but weakness due to the lack of apparatus”, reason a radical leader. “The Horacio thing has the support of the management, but Patricia is with a finer reading of what is happening on the street. Horacio is more in the superstructure, which for me is a mistake”, describes another co-religionist who began to look more closely at Bullrich’s growth.

The head of the PRO, meanwhile, seeks to continue consolidating her candidacy as a representative of the hawks of Together for Change. In this context, four days after the chamamé party, she will travel to Villa La Angostura to meet Mauricio Macri. As PROFILE was able to find out, it will be two days of work. “They had a first meeting in December, now they will continue advancing on different issues for two days,” they tell the PRO, hinting at the harmony that exists between the two. Although some are suspicious that Macri continues to raise the figure of María Eugenia Vidal, in the macrismo they already know that the former Minister of Security will no longer be able to lower it. “It is clear that there is no longer the chance for Patricia to get off at the request of Mauricio so that the candidate is Horacio,” assumes a macrista who is close to Bullrich.

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