By decree: Capitanich asked Alberto Fernández to prevent the opposition from “blocking” Congress

The governor of Chaco, Jorge “Coqui” Capitanichreferred to the impeachment project against the Supreme Court of Justice and stated that if there is a “constitutional blockade” by Together for Change In Congress, the President Alberto Fernandez should go for instrumentation Delaware Necessity and Urgency Decree“. Among other issues, he focused on the expansion of the Highest Court and the Council of the Magistracy.

“In these many times leaders of Together for Change They show themselves as the champions of ethics and they have a double discourse”, the pro-government leader began by saying about the position announced by the opposition alliance of not debating any initiative promoted by the national government until the request is withdrawn impeachment of the members of the Court.

The central theme of January: the impeachment of the Supreme Court

“If there is no consensus the president has tools to intervene and have popular support if there is an institutional blockade in Congress,” said Capitanich in an interview with The Endless Uncovering (The Radio Uncovering). “I ask the opposition to stop lying“, he added.

“There are 37 legislative initiatives in which the highest level of consensus must be sought, but if there is not, due to the social and citizen consensus that this has, you have to go and work on instrumentation material by Decree of Necessity and Urgency“, said the also former chief of staff. In addition, he requested that this initiative be given in terms of the law that regulates the operation of the bicameral commission of DNU.

In this sense, he recalled the ruling on co-participation that benefited the City of Buenos Aires and thought that the Court’s actions were “embarrassing.” “The next 23 will generate an agenda to end this that profoundly affects the provinces; We have to discuss these situations in which economic power appropriates the media for the construction of a sense that co-opts the judiciary”, he pointed out.

Jorge Capitánich and Alberto Fernández.

He also affirmed that the impeachment request to the Court it is not an attack on the republican system, if not that it is a way of defending it. “These are issues that make transparency real, while those who preach transparency, consent to irregularities“.

Expansion of the Court and Council of the Magistracy

In another section of the note, the governor of Chaco indicated that all the projects that can be debated meet the formal and substantial requirements demanded by article 99, paragraph 3 of the National Constitution, regarding the issues that are vetoed. “There are four topics that are prohibited, the rest are not, and they are part of the implementation of security measures. institutional character that benefit the Argentine people“.

Among them, Capitanich focused on “the expansion of the members of the Supreme Court” and the reform of the Council of the Magistracy, an issue that the Minister of Justice, martin soriaHe had already slipped that it could be done through a DNU.

Alberto Fernández’s strategy to launch the impeachment trial against the Supreme Court of Justice

“It seems to me that from the clear discussion and the integration of the members of the Court and its expansion, to the comprehensive reform of the participation of the Council of the Magistracy or what the judges income taxare issues that should be discussed, such as the mandate of the magistrates“, sure.

“Either it is the corporations that appropriate the State to manipulate or it is the popular will through democracy that can administer the State to the satisfaction of the majority,” concluded the provincial president.}


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