CELAC consecrates Comrade Ralph

Writes Osiris Alonso D’Amomio
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1.- The new star, Ralph Gonsalves

To the knowledge of the resistant patriots of the Salamería de Vieytes, Buenos Aires is the continental launch pad for Ralph Gonsalves, Comrade Ralph.
Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, an island state of 100,000 inhabitants. English is spoken.
Fire Dog (like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Mingo Cavallo), PhD, writer, BA in Manchester.
The Comrade Ralph should be designated successor to Alberto Fernández, The Unpopular Poet. As “pro tempore” president of CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States).
consequence of an agreement. Barter was promoted by Mexico.
Fernández was supported in 2021 with the commitment to support Gonsalves in 2023.
A concession to Los Ortega, Daniel and Mrs. Rosario. The Nicaraguan state marriage was reluctant to promote the ambitious Argentine.
For the diplomatic vulgarity of “talking over.” From trafficking Westernism in the State Department, to baffle the domestic opposition.
“Argentina is going to collaborate so that Nicaragua recovers real democracy.”
“And this berraco says this to the gringos and asks for our support?”
Mrs. Rosario concentrated to contemplate a photograph of Alberto, bright and smiling with his guitar.

With Lula’s arrival today, the Celac summit begins to warm up

2.- Parochial. Rescue of Felipe Solá

Alberto was eager to preside over something that would give him a personal name or prestige. The doctor should assess it.
with the Puebla Student, which brought together retired statesmen, was not satisfied. It didn’t go bad.

Felipe Sola and Santiago Cafiero.

must here be rescued Felipe Solámaximum picture of felipism.
It was the Chancellor who knew how to sweat the shirt, the telephone and the per diem, to process support with colleagues.
Meanwhile, Ambassador Martínez Pandiani (Personal Chancellor of Massa, El Profesional) made a pilgrimage to the Caribbean islands. He collected votes for the great cause.
Felipe was just flying to Mexico in a small milk plane when, on a stopover in El Salvador, he received a call from Premier Santiago Cafiero, El Nietito.
The government had been blown up by an inflammatory letter from The Doctor. The ministers clung and feared.
“The president thought that you stop being chancellor.”
Philip couldn’t believe it. He flew in his militancy to consecrate it.
“And who is going to replace me?”
In the best Talleyrand style, El Nietito answered him.
The Maleficent Doctor had demanded the displacement of Cafiero.
But Alberto couldn’t send him off with an embassy. As he dispatched her to his friend, Mrs. Graciela Losardo.
Or hand him over to the alligators, as he did with Ginés.
He preferred to hand over the management of foreign policy to Nietito.

3.- An invention of Chávez

In practice, maybe CELAC is useless.
OAS imitation, second or third brandbut infinitely less expensive.
No officials or embassies. And without the hegemonic presence of the United States (and Canada).
CELAC contains the rhetorical objective of being a “mechanism for integration and political agreement”.

lula chavez nestor kirchner g_20230123
Hugo Chávez, Nestor Kirchner and Lula.

To have a presence on the “global agenda, fight hunger, take care of the climate and peace in humanity.” sarasa.
Illusory instrument of power created and financed in 2010 by Hugo Chávez, El Tío (then) Billionaire.
He aspired to pulverize the OAS, “dominated by gringo blockers from brother towns.”
The exalting intentions faded after Tío Chávez had the daring impertinence to die.
As Néstor Kirchner had before, El Furia. And then Fidel Castro, who was already outside.
Highlander remains, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, at the time the best prepared of those three extinct.
Lula promoted CELAC’s regional product in its logical competition with Mexico. To strengthen dialogue with the United States.
But Don Bolsonaro ended the euphoria, sent Lula to prison and threw CELAC into the garbage can.
International fiction was given away, at the generous feet of Mexico.

4.- Towards the Declaration of Buenos Aires

At the Sheraton Hotel, where Mrs. Patricia Bullrich, La Montonera del Bien, clamored to build a “children’s hospital”, the “VII CELAC Summit” will be held.
Representatives of 33 countries. 15 heads of state, of the magnitude of the neighbors.
Lula, Arce from Bolivia, the young Boric from Chile, Lasso from Ecuador. And with the fiction debut of Gustavo Petro, from Colombia, and Mrs. Xiomara Castro, from Honduras.
If the elaborated consensus is closed, the luminaries summoned will applaud, standing, the already drafted “Buenos Aires Declaration”.
And the coronation of the Leader of the Caribbean, Ralph Gonsalves, Comrade Ralph.

Ralph Gonsalves Saint Vincent and the Grenadines g_20230123
Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Ralph de Almagro is more critical than Alberto himself. He arrives with the support of the countries governed by the bad guys in the neighborhood.
And from an island of 100,000 inhabitants that nominally maintains Carlos III, Lady Diana’s ex-husband, as Head of State.
Comrade Ralph is an elite player emerging to win. He knew how to declare:
“Clearly, the North Americans want to stop the advance of CELAC and support the OAS, of which they have control through its financing and location, and also through Luis Almagro, its Secretary General. Almagro deceived a lot of people”.

5.- End with the Vieytes Salameria

Despite so many luminaries, the event is harassed in the parish environment, due to the clumsiness of domestic occupation.
They are patriots who mobilize for lost and useless causes, similar to those undertaken by the ruling party. Against the Court, without going any further.
Wounded in their democratic vocation, the resisters of the Salamería de Vieytes denounce the presence of “dictators”.
Complements of the same frivolity. They condemn the possible presence of Nicolás Maduro, The Hummingbird, from Venezuela.
Or the neat, and almost harmless, Miguel Díaz Canel, from Cuba.
In the volley the crusaders included Daniel Ortega. Although Orteguita is not willing to come.
Neither doña Rosario, the lady trained -by carrying esotericism- to energetically protect all of Latin America.
Together with the cunning “pirates” of the Caribbean, enabled to traverse the treacherous seas.

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