CFK reacted against Justice for filing a case

The political journalist Nuria I am informed in Fontevecchia mode, for net tv Y RadioProfile (FM 101.9), on statements of Cristina Kirchner on their social networks against the judiciary.

The Vice President of the Nation wrote a tweet in which she said: “The media-judicial mafia, impunity and legal absurdity in the open. It is time to wake up and warn that they are driving at institutions towards a dead end.”

Cristina Kirchner denounced “media-judicial mafia”, “impunity” and “open legal absurdity”

After that, he continued with a thread of 6 tweets with strong criticism of the judiciary.

The controversial message of Cristina Kirchner

Let us remember that the judge Sergio Ramos archive the case in which the private secretary of Judge Horacio Rosatti was being investigated for his dialogues, obtained illegally, with him, now on leave, Secretary of City Security, Marcelo D’Alessandro.


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