Channel One is bought by HMTV1 and will no longer be part of CM&, NTC and RTI – Business – Economy

To close

The bidding process for Canal Uno was closed

The awarding of the channel will be on November 30.

The awarding of the channel will be on November 30.

Ramiro Avendaño, president of the Channel, spoke about the motivations for making this decision.

It was learned that the firm HMTV1, acquired all the shares of Plural Comunicaciones, which is the concessionaire over Channel UNO, which causes the channel to leave the company CM&, NTC and RTI.

In an interview with Valora Analitik Ramiro Avendaño, president of the Channel UN and director of Phoenix media, reported that it made the decision to buy this company because it sees in this investment a business opportunity with which the third Colombian television channel could move forward.

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“We are the only large media outlet in Colombia that does not belong to any economic group and we want to be the voice that represents small, medium and large businesses; that represents the spirit of Colombians in the face of what we want to happen in this country”, he assured.

Previously channel actions UN they were divided as follows; CM&, with 20 percent, NTC with 20 percent, RTI with 20 percent) and Hemisphere Media Group with its concessionaire HMTV1 had 40 percenta.

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In September this was modified, due to the fact that Hemisphere Media Group won its participation from Phoenix Media, who remains with HMTV1 and who now has all the shares of this channel.

CM&, NTC and RTI will continue being the main providers of the channel, due to the fact that most of the grid that contains the programming of the channel ONE is operated by these producers.

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