Coastal Abbey Road: Rodríguez Larreta screwed up the street

Paul McCartney It had something to do with it, but the head of the Buenos Aires government took the wrong street with his gang. The correct option was not Abbey Roadthe crossing that symbolized the passage to immortality of the Beatles in 1969 but, on the contrary, lonely road, a nostalgic ballad from 2001 that says at the start: “I tried to find something new, but all I could do was fill my time thinking about you.” Is worth to say, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta We did not discover a better way to communicate his presidential project than with a cloying photo of porteñidad that the governor of Jujuy Gerardo Morales could not have countered even with the stamp of Atahualpa Yupanqui and Jorge Cafrune embroidered on his shirt.

If such an image of loneliness and metropolitan encapsulation barely flavored by the very healthy Jujuy herbs comes from something, it was to expose the emptiness of an incipient political board where the metropolitan candidates are piling up who in a few weeks will have to go out for a walk on the national field doing the pirouettes that Sergio Massa rehearsed some time ago with the recorded spot “tajaí”. And this goes for both Javier Milei, Patricia Bullrich and María Eugenia Vidal. In the words of Macedonio Fernandez, So far there are so few national political references in the photos that one more is missing and it doesn’t fit.

Will the headlines end up on the court as former senator Miguel Pichetto has been asking for? Uncertain yet. Actually, the million dollar question is not about whether or not there will be incumbents in the 2023 election, but rather national candidates. So far the answer is “don’t know, don’t answer”.

By Daniel Montoya, political analyst.

by Daniel Montoya

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