Cormillot: “Argentines need to celebrate, but it could have been better organized”

Albert Cormillot, former coordinator of the Nation’s Healthy Eating area, highlighted the coronavirus outbreak and the possible consequences. “It would have to be two or three vaccines by year”, said. In turn, she spoke of the new camel virusis Fontevecchia modefor net tv Y RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

The camelid virus is said to be transmitted from animal to person and hardly from human to human. But at the same time, if the camelids of northern Argentina could be infected, the situation would begin to be complicated. Is the statement correct?

Exactly. I did a post about it the other day and the number of people who got so angry that I ended up taking it down. There may be several possibilities, such as polio, measles, or the same MERSwhat is he COVID-19 from the Middle East. The possibility that the camelids of the Argentine north could be infected with the MERS It exists, although it is remote.

In the large congregation of people in the City today, can a spike in contagion of the coronavirus be generated?

What the news says is that The dead multiplied by five and the infections rose in large numbers. Half of the Argentines do not have reinforcements from the vaccines. It would be necessary to replace the term “booster”, and say it by the number of vaccines to facilitate it, because people do not use that technicality.

Everyone has to get vaccinated every 4 to 6 months. You have to remember that if four months have passed, only then can you give yourself the next one. It would have to be two or three vaccines per year. The Government wants to use all that it has left from Pfizer and Moderna to be able to buy the bivalent, which points to that of wuhan and of omicron.

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On the one hand, Argentines need to celebrate, but the event could have been better organized. accumulation of people. The holiday It was a catastrophe, the decree only came out at eight o’clock at night. Most of the hospitals did not open and appointments that will take place in several months have been cancelled. Only emergencies are attended.

We observe that people who celebrate have a tendency to climb somewhere, be it a traffic light, trees or cars. Is it a kinesic need for physical discharge? Does someone who is happy need to move?

There is a complete state of excitement, but you have to see people who endure a traffic light. Today we are going to find out. And if they put up with it, we must congratulate the person who made said traffic light. Because otherwise we are going to regret the number of people who get hurt.

Hugo Pizzi: “The camel virus has a mortality rate of between 20 and 30 percent”

There is a wish, because if this happened in Sweden, people would not jump the turnstiles. The brain produces things that are unconscious, but then there is the executive part that tells you what is prudent and what is not. They don’t get on traffic lights out of a biological need, but a cultural one.


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