Costa Blanca, the town of Córdoba that banned loud music

The neighborhood commission of the Cordoba town of Cuesta Blanca banned loud music to guarantee the tranquility of its inhabitants and tourists, especially in this holiday season.

The measure is applied on the beaches, but also in the different accommodations, shops, private homes and live events. In addition, it points to urban planning, coexistence and there was. .

For her part, the community chief Ana Gaitán said in good statements reproduced by the newspaper La Voz that “there was a repercussion and the residents agree. This is for the good of the people who come to Cuesta Blanca to rest, to listen to the sound of the water and the song of the birds”.

In mid-December the broadcast of noises, vibrations, horns, music and use of machinery“, with the exception of those for the maintenance of parks, gardens or those used in public and private works. However, the local authorities considered that it was not enough and extended the measure the previous week.

The right to silence

Cuesta Blanca is a town located in the Punilla Valley, about 50 kilometers from the city of Córdoba, and is accessed through the Altas Cumbres road. It is also part of the Los Gigantes Provincial Water Reserve, an ecologically protected place where they work for the conservation of their special native forest ecosystem.


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