“Cristina 2023” and digital militancy: Sandra Mendoza lowered her profile but did not leave Chaco politics

sandra mendoza She stopped being a national deputy in 2017. From that moment on, she moved away from public opinion in the City of Buenos Aires but never stopped doing politics in her province, Chaco. The ex-wife of Governor Jorge Capitanich participates in acts Y take advantage of social networks to do “digital militancy”. There, via Instagram campaign for “cristina 2023”, He asks for help due to the increase in prices and does not hide his sympathy for his ex-partner’s continuity in the governor’s position.

The strongest post came in September of last year. Cristina 2023 and saint is over. Vote what you want girls.” pointed. In the comments they left no doubt: “Cristina does not like to be called the Boss, if she is the driver. She is my driver.” In this way, the former Minister of Health of Chaco stated that bet for the return to the presidency of cristina. Sandra was also photographed with the militancy during an act to promote a new candidacy in Chaco de Capitanich: “Coqui 2023”, was the signature. The governor just conceded that he will go for re-election to PROFILE.

In his networks he shows photos with Senator Juliana Di Tullio and also of his private life with the two daughters he had with Capitanich: guillermina and Jorgelina. The first of them also got involved in politics to such an extent that He manages the public media of the province since September from last year. A Peronist leader who has been accompanying “Coqui” for more than a decade acknowledged to this outlet that the young “He has the father’s pasta and surely he aspires much more.” Just in case, he started with the media, an obsession of Capitanich when he was Chief of Staff of the second government K.

sandra mendoza

Despite the intensity in the networks, journalists and official legislators told PROFILE que Sandra Mendoza does not seem to be behind a new charge politician with visibility as was the deputation. “She is far from the most intense thread. There were many years of exposure and scandals. The journalists here believe that it was even an agreement with Capitanich to stop. There was a time when she was main every day on the country’s portals for issues of private life,” said a colleague from Chaco.

sandra mendoza

The analysis is supported. In February 2009, for example, Mendoza, being Minister of Health, argued with her now ex-husband, He took his 4×4 truck and destroyed the Government House and several official cars. Aboard a Toyota Hilux, he advanced shouting and attacked a wall in the mobility area, which he finally tore down, leaving at least six government vehicles wrecked.


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