Dalma Mancilla, a story of illusions, tacos, pipes and rabonas

Watching Dalma Mancilla play is knowing that at any moment something is going to happen. It does not happen with any footballer, whether you are a woman or a man. It is a sensation that only the talented give away. And she is one of those who has in her foot the ability to dazzle with some ‘chiche’. Modern football may lead us to miss those kinds of situations. However, in its nature is the pirouette, the one that we like to see. And there appear those pearls that make us smile or applaud, or both. Mancilla and her ‘chiches’ returned to Belgrano and there is already expectation at the Gigante de Alberdi.

The midfielder is one of the additions that the ‘Pirates’ made to face their debut in the AFA First Division of women’s football. The Cordoba, who in the last two years played in the national elite, will return to the light blue house and that is why she exclaims: “I am going back to my house.” Her smile does not fade. She is happy.

He talks about home, family, sharing again with ‘Pepa’ (Romina Gómez), being surprised by Gabriela Ricca, the illusion of belonging to a team that arouses praise.

—Do you practice luxuries or do they come out of nowhere?

—(Laughs) No, I don’t practice them, they are born at the moment. The famous rabona is a resource for not using your left hand. I was always one to throw chiches.

Belgrano is family. Mancilla laughs because he is happy, because soccer is a place to express happiness. The football that we liked so much in childhood was that, the one to play and she plays. She divides, but responsibly. In front of the CÓRDOBA PROFILE, the soccer player who comes from playing in Rosario Central, the first thing she says when he starts the conversation is that she “is very happy and grateful for coming back to my house. Belgrano is family.”

Mancilla, from the Müller neighborhood, began playing ball when he was 8 years old at Club Banfield. They did it with men. They were different times. The girls, unfortunately, looked ‘strange’ when they played football. But she was faithful from a young age to her passion. She then went to play at Talleres, when there was still no league. She started women’s soccer in the Cordobesa League and played for Unión San Vicente until the first call from Belgrano came.

“While in Belgrano I was going to the National Team for several months until I sprained myself and turned back. Later, I was summoned several times and for personal reasons I could not attend. I was in Belgrano for many years,” he was able to narrate to this chronicler some time ago. And today he remembers: “I was in Belgrano for approximately 6 or 7 years. At the age of 14 I came to the club. Maxi Luján was the one who brought me in and I’m happy that he’s the head of this team.”

The midfielder, an admirer of the game played by the American Tobin Heath and the Brazilian Neymar, does not make comparisons between that time and this time, but stresses: “Belgrano’s women’s team continues to have the same importance as before. Only the competition changes and that we are First Class, obviously ”.

After Belgrano, he passed through Medea and later went to live in Catamarca. And there he broke it, literally. She was champion with the Rivadavia and San Lorenzo de Alem shirts. She stood out in both institutions, being chosen the best player.

The return to Cordoba. He did it playing in Truckers and again he stood out with his virtues. For this reason, at the time he jumped to AFA semi-professional football. In 2021 he played in SAT and in 2022 in Rosario Central. His televised plays were all the rage and went viral. Fortunately, luxuries never go out of style. After all this journey, at the age of 25 he returns to Belgrano, in another context, but with the same enthusiasm.

-At what point in your career are you?
—I can say that I am in the best moment of my career, being part of this team of which, apart from being a player, I am a fan. It’s my house, I can’t be better.

—You’ve been a professional footballer for two years now, how do you deal with it?
—I am taking it with a lot of responsibility and commitment, I am very involved in what I have to do and I am going to do my best for the team.

—If you had the opportunity to speak with the Dalmaniña, what would you say in relation to this present that you are living?
—That today he is fulfilling one of his dreams, with Belgrano’s on and in the First Division, that he never give up and that he always fights. That dreams are worked and fulfilled.

Belgrano, so far, has made 15 contracts for players from his squad.



Date 1: Hikers
Date 2: Rosario Central
Date 3: San Lorenzo
Date 4: Boca Juniors
Date 5: SAT
Date 6: Banfield
Date 7: UAI Urquiza
Date 8: La Plata Gymnastics
Date 9: Platense
Date 10: Racing Club
Date 11: Defenders of Belgrano
Date 12: Lanús
Date 14: River Plate
Date 18: Iron
Date 19: Independent

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