Damonte made it spicy in the preview of the match against River: “It is not an oiled team”

sarmiento once again he is facing a season where he is fighting for permanence. One of the humblest clubs in the First Division He has managed to navigate the highest category in recent seasons defending his place in the elite of Argentine soccer.

And on the horizon of the Junín team, looms River, who will be receiving next Sunday, March 19 at 9:30 p.m. In this sense, israel damontetechnical director of green I beat the match before him Millionaire and puffed out his chest before the next commitment: “River is not an oiled team

“River is a team in formation, it is not really oiled yet. The good thing about facing River is that both we and the players know the rival”sure.

“I play all the games thinking that you can win, I live it that way. It happened to me when we played with River two months after losing 7-0. I don’t sign the tie with River. I want to take the risk of winning”.

It should be remembered that Damonte as DT of Sarmiento before River suffered one of the worst falls of Kiwi in the highest category of Argentine soccer by losing 0-7 against the then team of Marcelo Gallardo.

However, after a few months he made history as those from Junín beat the Band in the Monumental for the first time in history for the date 11 of the Professional League 2022.