Dani Alves arrested and increasingly complicated: the security cameras contradict his version

The Pumas de la UNAM soccer player, Daniel Alves, He has been detained since Friday, January 20. at the Brians 1 Penitentiary Center in Barcelona, ​​for an alleged sexual assault against a woman that he committed on December 30, 2022 in the bathroom of a disco.

In the last hours, the Newspaper of Spain published information that could be important in the case: The security cameras show that the soccer player and the complainant were locked up for approximately 15 minutes.

This video would generate a contradiction in the Brazilian versionthat he had already changed his statement previously. First he said that he did not know the girl, then that he had seen her and later that she “jumped on him”.

With the new images, it would be proven that the player and the victim were in the bathroom for a quarter of an hour, instead of a minute. In addition, El Periódico revealed the complainant’s version and described in detail the moment of the rape.

The witnesses denied Dani Alves

It is worth noting that several present in the dance venue indicated that the soccer player invited the victim and her friends to sit at his VIP table through a waiter, as stated by the complainant.

The waiter affirmed that it was he who approached the three women with the proposal.