Dani Alves hired Messi’s lawyer to defend him

Dani Alves, is being held on an accusation of sexual assault in Barcelonacontracted the law firm of Cristóbal Martell, who worked with Lionel Messi in 2013.

The new defense will appeal and request the release of the 39-year-old soccer player, who has been detained since last Friday without the possibility of leaving on bail.

The newspaper portal abc of Spain detailed today that the study of Christopher Martell will work alongside Miraida Wilson Bridgethe first defense of Dani Alves in the case.

The first action will be to file an appeal to request the release of the Brazilian right-backwho on Monday was changed prison for “security” reasons.

Martell has extensive experience in Spain and among his most publicized cases were the defense of Messi in the case of the Spanish Treasury in 2013, when he was accused of evasion; and also the one of Barcelona against Neymar.

The witnesses denied Dani Alves

It is worth noting that several present in the dance venue indicated that the soccer player invited the victim and her friends to sit at his VIP table through a waiter, as stated by the complainant.

The waiter affirmed that it was he who approached the three women with the proposal.

Dani Alves, he declared, was taken to prison and without bail

Dani Alves was accused by a young woman in Barcelona for alleged sexual assault at the disco sutton, from the Catalan capital, when the footballer would have introduced him”hand inside underwear” to a young woman. The event would have taken place on December 30 with a 23-year-old woman who reported it on January 2.

The footballer at all times denied the fact and stated: “I was there enjoying the night in that place with more people. At no time did I invade the space of the others. I don’t know who that lady is.”

After his testimony, the Judge of the case order their detention without bail immediately, since they suspect that there is a risk of flight by the former Barcelona.

Pumas terminated Dani Alves’ contract

“With the information that occurred today about the legal process that the player Dani Alves is facing and for which he is detained in Spain, we have communicated the following: the Universidad Nacional club has made the decision to terminate the employment contract with the player with just cause Daniel Alves from this day on”Silva communicated that confirming his position on the case.

In addition, the leader made it clear that he will abide by the rules proposed by the same club: “With this decision, the club reiterates its commitment not to tolerate acts of any member of our
institution, whoever it is, that violates the university spirit and its values. The Universidad Nacional club is an institution that promotes respect, upright, dignified and professional behavior on and off the field of its players. They are a role model in Mexico and anywhere in the world”Silva closed.
Source: Telam