David Beckham surrendered at Messi’s feet: “I love Leo”

The former soccer player and owner of Inter Miami, David Beckham, surrendered to the figure of Lionel Messi and explained why he is the player he enjoys watching the most.

The Englishman gave an interview to the ESPN newscast, and when they asked him Who is the player you most enjoy watching today? was blunt: “It has to be Messi”.

I love Leo for many reasons, I love him because he is a great player, he has a great personality and he is a great person. But I think what everyone loves about him is how he plays the game. Play with passion, play freely. I think in this last World Cup, the way he played for his team, for his country and winning that world cup was an incredible moment for him. I love seeing players like him,” Beckham revealed.

It is not the first time that elex speaks well of a footballer The fleasince since 2020 on the Jimmy Fallon program he stated that “as the owner (of Inter Miami), you want the best players and if one has the opportunity to bring players like Cristiano or Messi. I have a lot of admiration for them, if we could bring those players it would be great“.