Dibu Martínez added that penalties are his moment to disconnect

In an interview conducted for AFA study, the archer of the argentinian team, Emiliano Dibu Martinez He said that he does not feel pressure to dispute the penalties and assured that he takes them in a fun way since it is a moment that helps him to relax.

“It’s my time to disconnect. I don’t take it as pressure, it’s like fun. It’s something I like”, held the world champion and also winner of FIFA’s The Best award.

It is worth remembering that Dibu had an appropriate performance in this instance, which helped him during the Albiceleste, which overcame difficult rivals on its way to the World Cup final. “I knew Van Dijk from Liverpool. I had seen him kick across and up and I thought he was not going to change. In that penalty I stretched so much that I injured my hip and it still hurts”, Said the Aston Villa goalkeeper.

“I wanted to give my teammates peace of mind and I took the anger out of the second goal”, Added in reference to the 2-2 draw for the Dutch in the last play of regulation time.

Lastly, he was asked about his save in the defining minutes of the match against France and added that it was a “pretty fast play” and that he did not have “time to enjoy it”.