Due to taxes, rates and perceptions, Argentina is the most expensive country to get a plane ticket from Latin America

Argentina is the Latin American country that makes airfare more expensive with fees and taxes in the entire region. Is that now the load tax amounted to 112 percent, while for example in Peru it is 18 percent and in Paraguay it is 2.5 percent.

For this reason, Reprofile communicates with the former director of Consumer Defense, Fernando Blanco Muno who asserted that, “Argentina has a tax regime that was mounted on national air tickets, but above all international ones.” This indicates that “Argentina is at the forefront of prices throughout our continent.”

The value of each ticket is made up of “rates, taxes and perceptions on account of another tax, a combo that adds more than 10 items that must be calculated”. “If one searches for tickets in tourist agenciesYou will realize that the tax charges are more expensive than the value of the boLeto”.

Regarding the policies implemented by the Government, the interviewee detected that “what has been done is to discourage the purchase of tickets abroad because that implies an outflow of reserves in dollars.” “This increase in cost means that fewer people can travel.” While, “the second thing that was done is to eliminate the possibility of paying in installments,” he said.

In the same line, Fernando Blanco Muno listed all the tax charges that are part of air tickets: “There is the Country Tax, which is 30 percent and is valid since December 2019. The National Civil Aviation Administration rate (ANAC) which is a fixed amount. The Tourism Tax que It is 7 percent of the value of the ticket. joined the Aviation Security fee that goes to the airport police (PSA), which is a proportional salary of a PSA officer”. The interviewee remarked that the public administration through ANAC should finance the PSAHowever, due to bad administration, decide to create a new tax.

There is a stigmatization of the traveler, it is thought that everyone who takes a ticket abroad is to go on vacation to the Caribbean and it is not like that”fired former director of Consumer Advocacy.

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