Due to the storms in the AMBA, 60 flights were suspended and there are fallen trees

The intense rains complicated the vehicular flow of traffic with fallen trees and flooded streets as a result of bags and leaves that were piling up. besides, More than 35 flights at the Jorge Newbery Airport and another 25 at the Ezeiza airport were postponed. The National Meteorological Service (SMN) observed that the yellow alert will continue until noon in the region. In the afternoon, the entry of a cold front can generate an occasional fall of hail.

A scenario of chaos was the balance of rains of varying intensity, electrical storm and strong winds that hit the City of Buenos Aires and its surroundings. The Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) remains under a yellow alert for rains and storms, some locally strong, accompanied by gusts, occasional hail, strong electrical activity and intense rainfall in short periods, according to the SMN.

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The meteorological agency warned about “possible meteorological phenomena with the capacity to damage and risk of momentary interruption of daily activities” for the eastern limit of Argentina. That is, for the Federal Capital, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and Corrientes.

The SMN will also warn about heavy rains with strong gusts of wind in the Santa Fe areas of San Lorenzo, Constitución, Rosario and Caseros; the Entre Ríos of Gualeguay, Gualeguaychú, Ibicuy Island and Victoria; such as the Buenos Aires provinces of Baradero, Campana, Colón, Pergamino, Ramallo, San Fernando, San Nicolás, San Pedro and Zárate.

suspended flights

Delays, referrals and suspensions were the consequences of the deluge that hit the Jorge Newbery and Ezeiza airports. The inclement weather caused more than 35 flights at the Jorge Newbery Airport and some 25 at the Ezeiza International Airport to be suspended.

The passengers of those flights that managed to land had to wait up to 7 hours for their bags. This was due to the electrical storm suspending activities on the ramp. Consequently, the planes did not have the assistance of ground personnel until the weather conditions ceased.

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This situation is due to the implementation, for several years now, of the protection system installed both in Aeroparque and in Ezeiza and in various airports in the interior of the country, which alerts the presence of electrical activity in the area and prohibits all activity in the area. track until that condition disappears.

Airlines must cancel two landings and Flybondi another, while the flag carrier had another 12 flights affected, between diverted and delayed. While in terms of takeoffs, there were also two canceled flights and 15 with delayed departures.

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In Ezeiza the conditions were not better, since 23 flights were affected by the storm. Six Flybondi flights suffered delays, one was diverted to an alternative airport while Copa Airlines canceled one flight and another is delayed.

The Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt must be diverted and those of Air Europa from Madrid, ITA from Rome, Level from Barcelona, ​​Avianca from Bogotá, Aerolíneas Argentinas from Punta Cana, are delayed.

Faced with this situation, airlines advise their passengers to check with the companies for their flight schedules.

Meteorological alert: Rains, hail fall and strong winds in CABA and 30 locations in the country

impassable streets

The City of Buenos Aires fell several trees in different parts of the Capital. In Scalabrini Ortiz y Aráoz, in the Palermo neighborhood, while there were traffic delays due to heavy rain and flooding of roads. Also on Av. Acoyte and Felipe Vallese and on Díaz Vélez and King.

On the other hand, the social network Twitter was the place chosen by users to become traffic chroniclers and report the flooding of several streets in Greater Buenos Aires, where there were also inconveniences for traffic circulation.

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In the north of the Buenos Aires suburbs, there were floods in the towns of Beccar, in the San Isidro district, and Virreyes, in San Fernando, according to what neighbors published on the social network.

To the west, in the municipality of Lanús, several flooded streets and flooded areas were recorded, such as at the intersection of Avenida San Martín and General Hornos, where videos uploaded by neighbors showed how accumulated rainwater covered the sidewalks.

Also inhabitants of the city of La Plata, Ensenada and San Vicente reported flooded streets through publications on the social network.


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