El Cuti Romero and a forceful statement about the Scaleneta in Qatar 2022

Cristian “Cuti” Romeroassured that “as a group there was no one better” that stepwhile he also confessed that the defeat in the debut, with Saudi Arabia, under “even more confidence” between the players.

In an interview with the official website of the tottenhamof Englandwhere he plays, Romero expressed: “I am very happy and happy to have obtained everything with my country in one year. For me it is the best, and even more so because it is the World Cup. I think it is the most important trophy that I could have played and I am very happy for to have won it. For us, the Argentines, it was very important. We had a great illusion and it was given to us. Very happy for all the Argentines and for the group”.

Cuti and Dibu

The central marker remarked: “From the first moment we went with that confidence to say that we could get the trophy and that we would use a fairly strong group to fight against the team that comes up against us.”

“We were not the favorites because, apart from having (Lionel) Messi who gives us a plus and is by far the best player in the world, we were a humble group who knew that they had selected better than us”continued the defender who emerged from the Lower Divisions of Belgrano de Córdoba.

cutie romero

Finally, he highlighted the relevance of the union of the members of the team led by the coach lionel scaloni: “As a group there was no one better than us and that is what made us strong on a day-to-day basis. The first game ended even more trust between us”Romero said in reference to the debut with a defeat against Saudi Arabia in the World Cup.