Espinoza left Atlético with 9 players and San Lorenzo had a relaxed time in Tucumán

San Lorenzo had a difficult visit to Atlético in Tucumán, but everything went well and they won 3-1, finishing second, one point behind River. The issue is that the result somewhat exceeded the strictly football level, because a first half that had been excellent and in which San Lorenzo won 2-1, It ended with two highly controversial expulsions of Tucuman players ordered by Fernando Espinoza, which paved the way for Barça to victory.

Already in the second stage, Insúa’s men limited themselves to circulating the ball, they brought the score to 3-1 in the end and although a touching sacrifice from the local players managed to make Batalla shine on a couple of occasions, the truth is that the San Lorenzo’s triumph never took risks.

The goals of San Lorenzo were ivan leguizamon -on two occasions-, and Nahuel Barrios. The discount for Atlético was the work of Nicholas Romero.

With this result, San Lorenzo has 20 points and was one behind River Plate, while Atlético Tucumán was left with 8 points, two behind Colón, last in the general table.

The Colombian Carlos Sánchez fulfilled a sober task in Tucumán. (NA PHOTO)

In a tense first part, one minute into the match, referee Fernando Espinoza expelled the local coach, Lucas Pusineri, for an inappropriate gesture, but near the end of that stage he also sent off Ignacio Maestro Puch and Guillermo Acostain situations that did not seem deserving of similar sanctions.

Meanwhile, Gastón Hernández also saw the red card at 7 in the complement in San Lorenzo, in a play in which the TV replay showed that he had not even committed an infraction. With that decision, Espinoza rounded off a very poor task, which did not lead to violence due to the exemplary behavior of the Tucuman public.

For the eleventh date, San Lorenzo will receive Boca next Wednesday the 12th from 4:30 p.m., at the Nuevo Gasómetro, and that same day, Atlético Tucumán will visit Estudiantes at 9:30 p.m.


Atlético Tucumán 1 – San Lorenzo 3 Stadium: José Fierro.

Referee: Fernando Espinoza. VAR: Lucas Novelli.
Atletico Tucuman: Thomas Marchiori; Moisés Brandán, Bruno Bianchi, Nicolás Romero, Matías Orihuela; Guillermo Acosta, Bautista Kociubinski, Joaquín Pereyra; Ignacio Maestro Puch, Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez and Mateo Coronel. DT: Lucas Pusineri.

San Lorenzo: Augustus Battle; Federico Gattoni, Rafael Pérez, Gastón Hernández, Agustín Giay, Jalil Elías, Carlos Sánchez, Malcom Braida, Iván Leguizamón, Andrés Vombergar and Nahuel Barrios. DT: Ruben Dario Insua.

Goals in the first half: 7m Iván Leguizamon (SL), 19m Nahuel Barrios (SL), 25m Nicolás Romero (AT).

Goal in the second half: 13m Iván Leguizamon (SL)
Substitutions in the second half: (Start) R. Tesuri for M.

Brandan (AT) and A. Bareiro by J. Elias (SL), 15m F. Perruzzi by A. Giay (SL), 16m E. Cerutti by N. Barrios (SL), 18m M.Estigarribia by M. Coronel (AT ), 20m G. Maroni by A. Vombergar (SL), 28m F.Di Franco by B. Kociubinski (AT), 35m G. Lujan by I. Leguizamon (SL), 40m B. Guille by RR Rodriguez (AT).
Incidents in the first half: Ignacio Puch (AT) sent off 42m, Guillermo Acosta (AT) sent off 43m.

Incidents in the second half: Gastón Hernández sent off 7m.


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