Ezequiel Schelotto pointed against Fernando Gago: “I didn’t like how he handled me”

Football player Ezequiel Schelottocurrently free, criticized the coach again Careers, fernando gagowhen assuring that he did not like how he treated him when he directed him in the academy after recovering from a knee injury.

A coach (Fernando Gago) comes to whom the same thing happened to me, but five more times (regarding the injuries that the former Boca had in his career), and when I left Racing I said things that came from within because I didn’t I liked how he handled me, but today he’s behind him“, He said Greyhound about the coach.

Schelotto33 years old, suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in 2021, when Juan Antonio Pizzo He was the coach of the first team.

By rescinding his contractual relationship with the Avellaneda institution in July of last year, already with gago as a coach, he Greyhound Schelotto declared against him for not having given him the chances that the player wanted.

It is not the correct way of saying things because I like that they go straight. I left a lot of things to come here (after playing 10 years in Italy) and I felt like I was useless,” he added about Gago’s behavior in statements to ESPN.

“I thought it was going to be a reward for my work for having played football again. I went to the bench for 12 games and the team won 4-0, 5-0 and I didn’t play. And one day, when I’m about to change to go out to make the entrance to the heat, they told me that I had to go to Aldosivi”, he continued with his discharge towards the current “academic” DT.

“When Víctor Blanco (president of Racing) called me, whom I appreciate very much because he always went straight to me, I told him that he put the number to pay me because I wanted to play football,” he recorded about his first contact to reach the club from Avellaneda.

Ezequiel Schellotoemerged in Banfieldhe spent most of his career in Italy (Bury and fiorentinaamong others) since 2008, although he also had a step through Portugal my Englandbefore returning to the Argentinawhere in addition to Careers played in aldosivihis last club.