Fat bike: the ideal bikes for riding in the sand

They are ideal for pedaling through the streets of Carilo either pinamar, to take a walk on the beach and even to get into the dunes. The fat bike They are distinguished at first glance by their fat wheels and are the ones chosen by active tourists who do not want their summer planes to be limited to the sun and the sea. Why are they perfect for this area? Because they don’t bury themselves in the sand.

Carlos, from Motorrad Cariló, explains that the fat bike are characterized by being “heavier” and that its wheels “they help on the sandbanks”. Luis, from Achon Bike, summarizes his walking: “They are great because it is really impressive how they advance without burying themselves. With a common one there are places where you cannot walk.”

In this season 2023 It is increasingly common to come across a fat bike. In general, they are rented by the day and tourists prefer those who want to ride and not so much those who are looking for a training bike. It is that these bicycles were designed to ride on difficult, soft or unstable terrain such as sand, but also snow or mud.

Prices vary according to location but, on average, a fat bike It can be rented by the hour for about $1,400 or for the full day for $4,500. And in the places where this proposal is offered, they always make the same recommendation: for asphalt they can be too heavy and slow.

Fat Bikes Bicycles in Cariló

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