Fatal revenge: he shot his son’s rapist in front of the TV cameras

He recently resurfaced on social media a United States police case carried out almost four decades ago by Leon Gary Plauché, that father who had to carry out a controversial act of “justice into their own hands” after the kidnapping and sexual abuse of their son. The man waited with a firearm for the abuser at the Baton Rouge airport and shot him in the head while TV cameras filmed the arrival of the sex offender in court.

Plauché channeled all his fury through a controversial revenge that the victim’s father plotted against jeff doucett, abuser of the minor who was 11 years old at the time. the man intercepted her son’s rapist on his way to the courtroom and shot him in the head in front of the television cameras that capture the speed and shocking sequence.

The dramatic episode occurred on March 16, 1984 in the State of Louisiana, more specifically at the Baton Rouge airport.

After the controversial revenge, the author of the shot spent only one weekend in jail since he was not finally sentenced: he had received a seven-year suspended sentence with five years’ probation and 300 hours of community service.

The case had generated a significant stir as many claimed that Plauché should serve a sentence for the murder committed, while the man argued that any other person, faced with an episode of such magnitude, would have reacted as he did.

The story of “the Justiciera Mother”: she found her daughter’s rapist and set him on fire

He shot him in the middle of the television broadcast

Jody Plauche I took karate lessons with an instructor named Jeffrey Doucet, about 25 years old. Doucet ended up kidnapping the minor and I raped him in a California hotel.

A week after his disappearance, the young man will contact his mother and the police will rescue him after the serious events that occurred.

Just 2 weeks passed and the perpetrator of the aberrational sexual crimes appeared at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport to be judged. But a fatal outcome would change the course of events.

Jeffrey Doucet, abuser of Jody Plauché.

TV cameras capture the untimely reaction of Leon Gary Plauché, the father of the abused young man, who intercepted the rapist and shot him in the head from behindwithout the security personnel being able to prevent the tragedy.

The police officers disarmed the man who had shot and after recognizing him they asked him insistently”Why Gary? Why?”an expression that ended up becoming the title of a book written by the victim kidnapping and sexual abuse.


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