FdT Summit in Merlo: Máximo, Massa, De Pedro and Kicillof iron out rough edges and plan for 2023

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillofand its main Cabinet ministers received this Tuesday, January 31, at the Government House of La Plata, the president of the Buenos Aires PJ, max kirchnerand a group of mayors of the Conurbano to lay the foundations of the electoral campaign in Buenos Aires territory. After 7:00 p.m., a second key meeting was scheduled in the fifth the colonialin the town of Merlo, with the presence of Máximo, Kicillof, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro and Sergio Massato call for unity within the ruling party and put “cold cloths” on the recent internal dispute between the minister of the interior and alberto fernández.

Kicillof would aspire to re-election in the province of Buenos Aires

Along with the chief of staff, Martín Insaurralde, and the ministers Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque (Community Development), Cristina Álvarez Rodríguez (Government) and Pablo López (Treasury and Finance), Kicillof received on Tuesday the leader of La Cámpora, the Buenos Aires deputy Mariano Cascallares, the president of Grupo Provincia, Gustavo Menéndez, and the mayors Jorge Ferraresi (Avellaneda), Mario Secco (Ensenada), Federico Achaval (Pilar), Juan Andreotti (San Fernando) and Carlos Remil (Escobar).

Unlike the national candidacies, which remain submerged in a context of uncertainty, in the province the path seems paved for Kicillof continues his mission in Buenos Aires for one more term as governor. In his shadow appears Insaurralde, who is sustained by his political link with Cristina Kirchner.

The summit of the Frente de Todos in Merlo.

The only possibility for the former mayor of Lomas de Zamora is that Cristina Kirchner ask Kicillof to step up as a presidential candidate.

The truth is that Kicillof tells each person who consults him that His project is to have four more years in La Plata. And he has plenty of reasons to support his position: in the province, since there is no second ballot, he has better chances of suspend the governorshipwhile in the presidential election, the votes of a possible third party as javier milei they would go mostly to the candidate who wins the Juntos por el Cambio internship, a circumstance that would seriously compromise the mathematical possibilities of the Frente de Todos.

Larroque spoke of the “ungratefulness” of Alberto Fernández: “He confused how his role should be with Cristina”

Pulseada of the Fdt with Diego Santilli in the Province of Buenos Aires

The surveys in the province they place the Kirchnerist president in parity of voting intention with Diego Santilliwho so far has proven to be the most competitive candidate of Together for Change for the province.

Although the electoral issue was at the center of the talks at the Peronist summit in La Plata, other current issues were also touched on, such as “the continuity of the execution of the budget approved by the Legislaturethe infrastructure plan carried out by the provincial government and the significant amount of works that the Buenos Aires municipalities have underway”.

In a statement, the Buenos Aires government reported that in addition “The educational and health transformation programs that are also part of the priorities established for this 2023 were analyzed”.

“Concern over the implications of arbitrary drop (of the Supreme Court on co-participation) requires detailed monitoring of each area with the firm purpose of preventing the people of Buenos Aires from paying the consequences of the Court’s political decision to solve the opposition’s electoral campaign,” the letter concludes.

merlo summit in front of everyone g_20230131
Sergio Massa, Cecilia Moreau and Wado de Pedro.

FdT Summit in Merlo

After 7:00 p.m., a second meeting of Buenos Aires Peronism was scheduled at La Colonial de Merlo, in this case organized by max kirchner and with the participation not only of Axel Kicillof, but also of the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro.

The referent of the Cámpora was recently in the center of the scene for the interdict that he starred with officials of the national government after President Alberto Fernández left him out of a meeting with leaders of the Human Rights movement with the president of Brazil, Lula Da Silva.

While waiting for the Minister of Economy to join, sergio masato the invitation, the presence of the head of the Public Works portfolio is confirmed, gabriel katopodiswhile mayors of the densely populated first and third electoral section will attend Merlo.


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