Fede Pizarro broke out in anger at the lack of support for the Argentine Handball Team

The right side of the Argentine national team handball, federico pizarrocomplained about “almost non-existent support“that the team received, when facing criticism for its performance in the world poland Y Sweden 2023.

“In two years we barely had a few training sessions together, zero tours and almost non-existent support for a National Team that played the last three Olympic Games, and that two years ago was among the 10 best in the world.“, was the initial publication of the experienced 36-year-old player, who played in the 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017 World Cups.

Today these kids, with a lot against them, we are once again in a World Cup Main Round, and we will try to continue leaving our country as high as we can“, then writing in a thread Twitter, Pizarro. Later, he uploaded a photo and laughed at those who “throw the bad”.

“A new challenge begins, against even more difficult rivals but who is going to tell us that we will not be able to, if we are here when the reality of our sport says that we do not have…”, he concluded.

The Argentine national team achieved its first victory in the contest, against north macedonia by 35 to 26 for Group F and finished in third position, offering the possibility of accessing the Final Round of the competition that is taking place in poland and sweden.