Fernández supported Maduro’s visit to Argentina: “Venezuela is part of CELAC, he is more than invited”

Despite criticism from numerous opposition voices and business entitiesPresident Alberto Fernández confirmed that his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro, “is more than invited” to the VII Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) that will begin this Tuesday in the City of Buenos Aires.

“Venezuela is part of CELAC and Maduro is more than invited. As far as I know, he will”said the president in an interview with the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

He said, “Argentina’s position in relation to Venezuela is to promote, through the Contact Group, the dialogues that are taking place in Mexico,” where President Andrés Manuel López Obrador governs, one of the promoters of the progressive Grupo de Puebla.

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Fernández assured that these conversations between different political and social sectors of Venezuela “can give good results.” “The idea is that Venezuelans decide among Venezuelans, not with us,” said the head of state, president pro tempore of CELAC.

The president stressed that “In these difficult times, it was an important mechanism to carry the voice of Latin America to the Summit of the Americas and the G7 and to participate in the discussion on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.”

“The year that begins is decisive because most of the consequences of the war will begin a verse now. And when the FAO says that 300 million people will die of hunger, we are very concerned, because we know that many of those people may be from America Latina,” he said.

“And we are living in a particularly turbulent moment for the region, in which we have to work to guarantee the institutionality of democracyFernandez added.

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In this regard, Fernández will exclude that the Latin American right is “very strong” and accused a sector of it of resorting to violence as an “adequate method to combat democracy” and “threaten society.”

“There is a certain sector of the Latin American right that thinks that violence is an adequate way to combat democracy, to threaten society. We must be alert, without allowing this to happen anywhere,” the president concluded.

The arrival of the leader of the Chavista regime in the country was objected to by the entire arch of Together for Change and libertarian political forces, who accuse the Bolivarian leader of alleged violations of human rights and democracy in Venezuela.

The head of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, went so far as to request that Maduro be “immediately arrested upon his arrival in the country for committing crimes against humanity, as happened with Pinochet in London in 1998.”

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Meanwhile, former President Mauricio Macri shared an open letter this Sunday on his social networks and I miss that “the vast majority of Argentines” feel “ashamed that our country is associated with others where there is persecution, torture, narco-terrorismpolitical prisoners and fraudulent elections that mock democracy”.

“The welcome to these dictators is not organized by us Argentines, but by a government that languishes in its mediocrity, one that will soon take the unfortunate honor of having been the worst government in the history of democracy in our country,” the founder said. delPRO.

The arrival of Maduro to participate in CELAC has not yet been confirmed. On the other hand, the president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz Canel, will be there, another of the heads of state that the opposition denounces for alleged violations of human rights.

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, also under the magnifying glass of the opposition for the political regime that he imposes on the Central American country, He was invited by Alberto Fernández but he will not travel to the country to attend the CELAC summit.

The great star of the event will be the new president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, who has just gone through moments of extreme political tension due to the attempted coup d’état by thousands of Bolsonaro militants just a week after taking office at the Planalto Palace. .

Alberto Fernández will maintain with his counterpart from Brazil, who governs the most powerful economy on the continent, a bilateral meeting in which, among other matters, they could advance the guidelines to establish a common currency for both countries, called “South”.


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