Fernando Báez Sosa’s mother keeps her son’s room intact: “I put the sheets that he liked”

Grace Sosathe mother of Fernando Baez Sosarevealed that he keeps your child’s room intact three years after his murder at the exit of the Le Brique nightclub, in Villa Gesell, a case that will have its verdict in a few days.

“His room is intact as he left it. Occasionally I change the sheets and put the ones you liked“, told the woman in dialogue with Jorge Rial on your show Argentina which is issued by radio10.

Graciela assured that on January 18, 2020 “life is over” for her and her husband and father of Fernando, silvino baez.

The central evidence that the judges of the Báez Sosa case analyzed before handing down the verdict

“I try to be strong, but this pain that we carry is forever,” added the mother of the victim who was attacked by a gang of young people in radio statements.

Fernando Báez Sosa’s parents expect “perpetual” for rugbiers

He also added: “We hope it will be perpetual for everyone, they ambushed my son. I am confident that our lawyers They did everything in their power in the allegations, we are very satisfied”.

Regarding the presence of the rugbiers in court in recent days, the woman said: “When they stood in front of the court, they expected them to look at me.”

Baez Sosa Case | From two years to life: the possible sentences that the defendants could face

Regarding the last words that the characteristic defendants said that “it was seen that what they were saying was something studied, they always repeated the same thing.”

“It’s very difficult to forgive them after what they did. They didn’t have mercy on him. He was raising his hand, I felt like defending him but it was impossible. He was all beaten up,” he concluded.

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