Fernando Espinoza in the middle of the fight between Atlético Tucumán and AFA

San Lorenzo beat Atlético Tucumán, but the result was forgotten but not the night that Fernando Espinoza had. The man from Mendoza was the protagonist where he expelled several players, including guillermo acosta where he had a strong cross with the referee. From the Dean presented a statement against Espinoza and pablo tovigginothe AFA treasurer wrote a spicy tweet, where the rift began.

Lucas Pusineri, Ignacio Maestro Puch and Acosta saw the red one, on the side of the Cyclone was expelled Gaston Hernandez. However, the action that unleashed the anger was with the Dean’s midfielder: the Bebe collided with Espinoza and for that reason he showed him, first the yellow one and the second the red one.

There are no words for this guy, he’s superb, you can’t say anything to him, he thinks he’s the boss. What is thought? He has to talk to the players, nobody here is handsome because they have a red card in their pocket. Now we’re going to see if he’s handsome out there, shitty shit… because he’s a shitty shit and he shits on us on all the pitches,” the footballer said with a lot of anger.

“As I said last night before the press, after the last game against Boca I asked the AFA not to direct us to Espinoza again, that is why he appeared to us this week when he was appointed to referee against San Lorenzo. And, once designated, there is not much that can be done. After last night’s disastrous arbitration, I am not only going to ask again that he no longer direct Atlético Tucumán, but that Espinoza be seriously analyzed if he is in a psychological condition to direct and that the authorities show the documentation that supports him to arbitrate.”said mario leitopresident of the Tucuman team.

At the end of the match, Espinoza’s car was destroyed by a stone that was thrown at the front window.

Atlético Tucumán’s statement against Espinoza

“he Tucuman Athletic Club repudiates the unfortunate action of the referee fernando espinoza on the occasion of the match played this Saturday between our first team and its counterpart from the San Lorenzo de Almagro club”, he begins.


“The repeated occasions in which our club was certainly harmed by this judge added a new and embarrassing episode that leads us to address ourselves to the Argentine soccer authorities to request that: Mr. fernando espinoza is not appointed again to referee the matches of Atletico Tucuman and of their rival directors in sporting objectives”, he continued.

The message from Toviggino and Beligoy’s reaction

Pablo Toviggino, treasurer of AFA, expressed himself on Twitter against the Atlético leadership: “How many statements and declarations! The statements are of a military nature! They only needed to number it and they were well dated,” he said. And he fired: “Surely you think they achieved something that way, right? How little they know and understand. BEWARE, THE ONE WHO ASKS OR CLAIMS THE MOST, DIES FIRST! Memory guys,” she wrote.


The curious thing was that Federico Beligoy, director of Argentine arbitration, “liked” Toviggnino’s tweet.