Filtered chats: how hacks work and what level of security Telegram provides

Given the surprise or indignation that the circulation of Leaked Telegram conversations who supposedly belonged to groups created between businessmen, members of the Justice and politicians, the question about privacy care and how vulnerable application security is.

Result that Telegram would not be as safe as it seemed, although that has been its standard to compete with WhatsApp. Pavel Durov, the app’s CEO, last year accused his rival of having a secure communication platform.

Anyway, the hackers questioned the security of Telegram which has two layers of strong encryption. The latter makes it more secure than WhatsApp, but not inviolable.

Organized hacking gang?

According to horace verbitskithe leaked chats of the supposed armed group to cover up the meeting in Lago Escondido are part of a leak made by hackers on the site and from there they extorted. “They ask for 600 dollars to be paid in bitcoin or monero cryptocurrencies, for 500 MB of information.”

According to Verbitsky the hack was carried out on the telephone of the Minister of Security of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Marcelo D’Alessandro. It would be more than 500 megabytes of information that includes text files, photos and multimedia that would have been extracted from the officer’s cell phone.

How Telegram accounts are hacked

  • With spyware: This implies installing programs and applications specifically dedicated to it on the device, such as mSpy, which is software created to monitor the children’s phone, but it can be used maliciously. In this case, someone with access to the phone can install this “spy”.
  • web telegram: when a session is left open on a computer, privacy is exposed.
  • remote access: Hackers can gain access to another person’s computer using software specifically developed for this function. If they can get into the device and Telegram Web is used there, the hacker will have access to the chats.

How to make Telegram more secure

Formatting is the most drastic method to remove malicious software, but there are other previous methods to take care of privacy.

Accessing Settings> Privacy and security, you can configure ordered functions who can see your number phone number, your profile photos or who can call you. You can also include a lock code that must be entered each time you want to use the app and enable two-step verification.

Choosing the option of “secret chat” messages are not saved in the cloud and self-destruct and their content does not appear in notifications.

Another recommendation is be careful when using public networks. Anyone with some advanced computer knowledge can manage to get between your device and the public network and intercept all shared information, including all that from Telegram.


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