First bump of the year in the Argentine Cup: Spanish Center eliminated Tigre

Spanish Center, who plays in First Division Dgave a big surprise at the argentinian cup after eliminate Tigre in the definition by penalties by 5-4, after equalizing 1 to 1 in the ninety regulatory minutes, for the 32nd. end of the contest.

He Bullfighter opened the scoring with an early goal from Thomas badaloni and it seemed that the First Division team was going to take the match almost without problems, but the Galicians they played a game.

In the second part, Centro Español cheered up and after a good collective play, felipe sennthat seemed in an advanced position, defined before the departure Santiago Rojas and sealed the 1-1. From then on, Diego Martínez’s team looked for him everywhere with their starters (Facundo Colidio and Mateo Retegui entered), but they missed almost unusual goals and the match went to penalties.

Already in the definition, Retegui missed his and the Centro Español players blocked allbut Tabare Benitez Erró and the batch was stretched: Joaquin Pellico scored for those of D, while Lautaro Montoya threw it over the crossbar for the Victory for the Spanish Center by 5-4.

Tigre vs Centro Español: the formations

Tiger: Santiago Lopez; Martin Ortega, Brian Leizza, Abel Luciatti, Lautaro Montoya; Martin Garay, Cristian Zabala, Sebastian Medina; Aaron Molinas; Santiago Vera and Tomás Badaloni. DT: Diego Martinez.

Spanish Center: Tabare Benitez; Facundo Figueroa, Jorge Rosas Quintero, Ezequiel Gayoso, Julián Ponce, Carlos Di Pietro; Ramiro Reynoso, Santiago Gomez, Antonio Galvan; Pablo Ocampo and Felipe Senn. DT: Diego Herrero.