Floating solar panels: the new trend in renewable energy

cleaner energy, and at low cost that is the race that is already underway in developing countries. One of the main trends for clean energy generation is the installation of solar panels.

Today we see solar panels everywhere: on bus stops, on the terraces of buildings and even in the middle of highways, but in some countries they try to go one step further.

Spain is studying installing floating solar panels in the middle of the ocean. For this, different universities are conducting trials. It is that although the Floating solar panels are already used, they are only for calm waterways, such as ponds and streams.

The main benefit of floating solar panels is cost reduction of the acquisition of land. In addition, due to the cooling effect of the water, energy production would be increased.

The main unknown about the uses in the oceans is whether they will resist the strong waves. If possible, it would open up the possibility of generating solar power plants in the middle of the ocean.

The data is encouraging: According to studies, if only 6% of solar energy could be captured, there would be enough energy to supply all of humanity.

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