Food inflation accelerated in the third week of this month

The impact of exchange rate movements hastened the rise in prices in recent days and for this reason there is concern about possible shortages that the drought would cause in essential products on the national table.

According to a private study, food inflation showed a trend above 5.5% in the first weeks of January. The same work also indicates that the average increase in the third week was 1.55%, “accelerating 0.76 percentage points compared to the previous week.”

On the other hand, the report from the LCG consultancy added that “the food and beverage index presented a monthly turnover of 4.5% average in the last four weeks and 5.6% end-to-end in the same period.”

This survey is added to a similar one formulated by the Libertad y Progreso Foundation, which calculated that inflation in January would be close to 6%. All these projections would jeopardize the Ministry of Economy’s claim to reach an inflation rate of less than 4% for the month of April.

According to these data, the largest increases occurred in vegetables and fruits, followed by dairy products, eggs, and beverages and infusions.

Although the percentage of surveyed foods was 22% of the surveyed total, the LCG consultant clarified that in the monthly balance this indicator “continues to accelerate.” Always according to LCG, five of the ten categories are above the 5% monthly average.

The main increases occurred in vegetables (8.9%), fruits (8.3%), dairy products and eggs (6.2%), seasonings (5.8%), beverages and infusions for consumption.

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