For Lula, Mercosur must agree with the EU and then negotiate with China

The President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Poumet with his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvain a closed-door meeting in which the leaders discussed the modernization of the mercosur.

At the end of the meeting, both presidents gave a press conference in which Lacalle Pou He explained that the conversations were held around two main axes: on the one hand, the different infrastructure works that unite both countries; and the relationship of Uruguay with Brazil within the regional blocin the midst of Montevideo’s desire to open its market to the world.

Luis Lacalle Pou criticized CELAC for having “an ideological tint”

Lula, for her part, He said that he agrees with his Uruguayan counterpart on the need to “modernize” Mercosur and even negotiate an agreement with Porcelainbut he said that first it is necessary for the bloc to finish the multi-year negotiation with the European Union to sign a FTA (TLC).

“The claims presented to us by President Lacalle they are more than fairIn the first place because their interest is to defend their country, the interests of their economy and their people. It’s fair to produce wanting to sell more, and therefore an opening is important as much as possible for our peoples”, said the Brazilian leader from the Suárez y Reyes Presidential Residence and quoted by the local newspaper The Observer.

“That’s why in discussing the so-called renewal of MercosurWe are totally agreed. What do we need to modernize Mercosur? We want to sit at the table with our technicians, immediately with our ministers, finally with the presidentsso that we can renew what is necessary,” he added.

However, Lula clarified that before”It is urgent and necessary for Mercosur to sign a final agreement with the EU. I found myself in my first term in 2003 and the agreement was already being discussed. In my second term it was also discussed. meI was out of the presidency for eight years, I came back for a third termand it is still being discussed”, observes the leader of the Workers’ Party.

For Luis Lacalle Pou, the Qatar dollar “does not go with the spirit of Mercosur”

“We are going to intensify the conversations and We are going to sign that agreement, so that we can immediately discuss between China and Mercosur, and I think it is possible. We want to keep with Mercosur and keep with our Chinese friends and negotiate an agreement Mercosur-China”, asserted the president of Brazil in this regard.

Lastly, Lula made reference to the personal relationship with the presidents with whom they shared mandateand I remark that the ideological differences with the Uruguayan president They do not weigh for your decisions.


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