For prosecutors, the testimonies of the rugbiers are “insufficient” and “they failed to refute the evidence against them”

The prosecutors participants in the trial for the crime of Fernando Baez Sosa They dismissed the statements of Lucas Pertossi and Blas Cinalli, the defendants who broke the silence and stated that they had “never” intended to kill the young man outside the Le Brique nightclub in Villa Gesell. In addition, they anticipated that next week they will detail “the role” of each of the defendants, against whom they gather sufficient evidence.

In one of the most important hearings prior to the sentencing scheduled for February, prosecutors Juan Manuel Davila Y gustavo garcia They assured that the explanations of the fact provided by the two rugbiers”fail to refute the evidence against them“, while “there is no doubt” that the responsible investigation to prove “the materiality of the fact”, so that it could be beneficial for the complaint.

At last Tuesday’s hearing, Pertossi and Cinalli gave an investigative statement and gave details about that January 18, 2020. In their statements, the defendants assured that they never had the intention of “killing anyone” and that “they did not hit” Báez Sosa, but simply “were on vacation”, among other explanations.

“The explanation was not enough”

However, for prosecutors the explanation “was not enough“. “From the first day to the day of the date We have obtained the necessary evidence. We estimate that The announcement we made on the first day will be accredited”Prosecutor Dávila asserted this Wednesday after finishing the thirteenth day of the debate in charge of the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 1 of Dolores.

The sentence of the oral trial against the eight defendants for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa is expected for the beginning of February.

Báez Sosa case: defense doctors questioned the autopsy and said that the CPR “aggravated the situation”

On the other hand, the prosecutors criticized that the testimonies of the defendants in the trial were “biased“, considering that”They don’t explain everything that happened and everything they saw“. “(To testify in court) It is a right that the accused have, when they choose to testify they are subject to the questions of the other party, and this happens that they do not answer any, as happened today with the first of the accused, or they answer selectively, regarding only what he did”, they evaluated.

In this exposed sense, consider that the two defendants “have some explanations a bit trying to refute the evidence that there was” against them, but pointed out that from these statements they will draw more benefit “the accusing party than the defense”.

Regarding the content of the statements by Pertossi and Cinalli, the prosecutors commented that “They try to introduce the subject of alcohol, obviously” for justify their behavior in the early morning of the death of Báez Sosa. “We are going to refer to this when the allegations arrive, we are going to evaluate it later,” they insisted, avoiding giving more in-depth opinions on what was said by the accused and the strategies of the accused.

Meanwhile, the prosecutors also advanced that next January 25during the arguments, “the role of the eight defendants” will be explained in detail, against those who claim to have gathered the necessary evidence. “The cause has seventeen bodies. There is a lot of evidence. What we are going to do in the allegations, we will explain the role of each one of these people. We are going to merit what penalty corresponds to each one. I have no doubt that we have proven the materiality of the fact together with the qualification, which are the aggravating factors“, he detailed.

Silvino and Graciela, the parents of Fernando Báez Sosa.
The murder of Fernando Báez Sosa occurred on January 18, 2020.

Lucas Pertossi declared that he “did not touch” Fernando Báez Sosa

During his brief statement before the Court, Pertossi broke the pact of silence and gave details of the day prior to the murder of Báez Sosa and stated that he “never” had the “intention to take anyone’s life.” He did it at the last hearing of the oral trial, also on a special date because it was the third anniversary of the event. “At no time did I hit Fernando Báez Sosais He never participated in an assassination plan, I just went on vacation. I never had the intention of taking anyone’s life,” Pertossi said at the end of his testimony.

According to his account, on January 17 the group got up at two or three in the afternoon after a “long night” and headed to the beach for the day. Meanwhile, he explained that he had to “carry the ice cream” with alcohol, the abuse of this substance being one of the justifications of the defense regarding the violent behavior of the accused. In the afternoon, Pertossi did not allow some of them to go buy tickets for the bowling alley the brique after the “closure of the beach”, while others who returned to the house they rented to cook and prepare to go out at night.

Rugbys: one by one, the situation of the eight accused of killing Fernando Báez Sosa

Once in Le Brique he talked about a fight that took place on the part of his friends and some of them took him out even though he decided to go out on his own. As he explained, he saw a riot and that a stranger “grabbed” one of his friends’ feet, to which he approached and was disappointed to “let go” and kicked him twice. In it, he recorded that he went to the corner of the Le Brique bowling alley, where he began to look for his friends. Also, “Croniquita”, as he says his friends call him, recorded part of the sequence.

“I got home and asked what happened and the boys in the house told me, don’t be calm, we fought but we came back, stay calm,” said Pertossi, who assured that after going to eat at the fast food place with others from the group, returned to the house and there the police stopped them. “I’m very bad for what happened and I’m still bad, I was under psychiatric and psychological treatment, it affected us all a lot, I feel very sorry for what happened. At no time did I hit Fernando Báez Sosa, don’t touch him,” he concluded. .

rugbiers trial fernando baez sosa

Blas Cinalli affirmed that “he never hit” Fernando

After Lucas Pertossi’s short statement in the trial, the rugby player Blas Cinalli asked to speak, who at all times stated that he “never” hit “Fernando” Báez Sosa. “I never hit Fernando Báez Sosa at any time, I suppose that with whom I had in the meeting inside the bowling alley I don’t know, he was capable. In I never hit him I see that they say that he had my DNA in the nail of the little finger, “he said.

After the testimony, he was asked to point to the video with a pointer where he was at the time of the attack, while he assured that he “did not see” a boy with a naked torso, referring to Fernando. He also asked him about his proximity to the victim: “I could have been there but I don’t remember it”, and he also asked him about the location of other of his friends, also accused, and he never answered since he only said that he was going to do it regarding his person and no one else.

According to his description of the event, Cinalli indicated that he saw “a riot” in which a friend of his was involved. “I stop and see, a friend of mine was already grabbing him by the waist to take him to the back of a car, I followed my friend because I thought they were going to throw him away, and when I got next to him, I see that They grabbed him by the foot because they wanted to throw him away, he lets go and grabs me,” he described.

The blood ties that unite those accused of Fernando’s crime

“I was going to throw myself, when they changed it, I kicked it and left it there and there were other screams. From the side of the car I heard screams like they were also fighting, but I go and I don’t see anyone, and I return to where I wasthere I see that the boy had no intention of continuing to fight and I left“, he said, referring to the images that are known in the case not to Fernando Báez Sosa, but to a friend of his. Cinalli continued to report that the police arrived at the house and that the message he sent to his friends via chat hours later in which he informed them “we killed one” it was because the residents of the place said that a boy had died in front of Le Brique after a fight.

Unlike Pertossi, Cinalli chose to respond to the prosecution’s question: “Why do you say it was a fight if they only grabbed you by the foot?“Because it was a fight, if they hit a friend of yours or attack me, it’s a fight,” replied Cinalli, who also claimed “not to remember” what the friends talked about after the murder of Báez Sosa.

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