Foyth started Villarreal’s draw against Celta de Vigo

villarrealscam john foythequaled today to Celta Vigo by 1 to 1, as a visitor, in the soccer League of Spain, in the only advance of the seventeenth date.

The Spanish striker gerardo moreno (15m. PT) opened the scoring for the visit and the Icelandic attacker entered the second stage, Jorgen Strand Larsen (23m ST) equalized it for the local team. is Celtic the goalkeeper was the starter Augustine Marchesinex Lanús and the santafesino frank cervi; and the rosarino was a substitute augusto solari ex Silver river.

foyth he was injured 19 minutes into the second half and was eliminated by the Spanish defender kiko female.

The equality did not benefit either of the two teams since both maintained their location: villarreal continues fifth with 28 points and Celta Vigo is sixteenth with 17 units.