From the Chicana to the threat: Tomás Rebord asked for Florencia Freijo’s apology after the controversy

the youtuber Thomas Rebord saved the writer’s apology Florence Freijo after the unusual crossing that occurred after this will insult him for the interview that Alberto Fernández did on Twitter. The controversy escalated when some users interpreted that he had also been accused of committing a serious crime, which ended a spiral of virtual violence that led to threats.

Tomás Rebord is a 30-year-old lawyer who was a member of Kirchnerism and rose to fame through his YouTube channel, “The Rebord Method”, in which he interviews personalities from Argentine public and political life in a format that challenges traditional journalism. His history includes the caliber of the characters of Máximo Kirchner, Alejandro Dolina and Carlos Pagni.

On April 3, he interviewed the president Alberto Fernandez after his meeting with his US counterpart Joe Biden at the White House. The broadcast was commented on by thousands of users on social networks, including Florencia Freijo, a political scientist and author of books related to feminist issues which also enjoys a strong presence in the virtual world.

After Freijo’s apology, Tomás Rebord dedicated an hour via streaming to the matter on his MAGA channel.

What Florencia Freijo said about Tomás Rebord

“It is the clearest example of how are rates overestimated due to the fact of building a narrative of skinny intelligence, of the ‘popular sphere’ and thick voice. How inflated it is, my god, I don’t understand how They didn’t wake up, he’s a barbaric asshole. You guys will know,” Freijo tweeted, referring to Rebord but not mentioning him.

Beyond the high tone that characterizes Freijo on Twitter, what the controversy uses was a second tweet in which he inadvertently seems to have insinuated that Rebord “has the same profile” as a person “arrogant and with complaints” of a serious crime as is abuse.

“I need the young sphere of Peronism reveals idols of the entertainment they build, because they are always the same profile of sober chapón with complaints of content abuse that at any moment they jump”, said the writer, also making reference to the political past of the youtuber.

Tweet Freijo 11043034
Freijo’s original tweet after Rebord’s interview with Alberto Fernández.

The threats against Freijo

Freijo later clarified that his message had been misinterpreted, hence proceeded to delete it. Likewise, in another explicit post that when he spoke of “abuse complaints” he was not referring to Tomás Rebord.

However, the publication will continue to stir up the alleged accusation (which was not) considering the seriousness of this crime, as well as the fact that, beyond the matter itself, it is about characters that arouse passions for and against Internet users. The fans of the youtuber ignored the clarifications of the writer and reacted violently to the massively insult Freijo and even threaten her by email and by phone. “I’m shaking, I need you to stop“, said.

They call to get involved to stop hate speech on the networks

For his part, Rebord clarified that he was not responsible for the attacks on Freijo. I did nothing, neither before, nor during, nor after. I did not give an opinion, nor did I send emails from the same sender, nor would I ever harass someone for saying bullshit (even if those bullshit are serious). I attend the UN minority report place where instead of oracles there are schizophrenics”.

Regarding the tweet mess, the youtuber commented that he did not know what Freijo was posting since he had been blocked by herself after insulting him. “If I could talk to her, I would tell her to stay calm that she would not receive any aggression or interaction from me. Strictly speaking, I am simply not interested in what she thinks,” she wrote.

Freijo apologized for the “unfortunate combination” of tweets

Florencia Freijo tweets

“I publish these words, in principle, to apologize and retract a tweet that referred to the existence of a ‘abusive boy’. What were two tweets that initially planned a personal opinion about a particular person and secondly a pressing problem about the number of male abusers in places of power, who silenced their victims, ended up being increased in a very unfortunate way by me and away from a deep certainty: there is no profile of anyone in particular to stigmatize criminal acts,” said Florencia Freijo in a statement. a week later of the tweets that generated the violent spiral in the networks.

“It was a very serious mistake on my part, pretending to express such a deep topic in the trifle of a tweet,” he continued, and later closed: In second place, I want to apologize to Tomás Rebord for the simple reason that the unfortunate combination of my tweets embroiled him in a conflict and he objected crusades that he never proposes professionally and that I regret that it happened”.

Rebord: “I was freely accused of things”

On Rebord’s side, he became heavy in the lightness with which he was linked to a sustained on that crime. I was freely accused of things. I said: I’m not going to do anything, it’s something that ends on its own and finds its own path. Serious mistake not having done anything. Was kafkaesque the matter based on saying ‘I would prefer not to do it’. This is the same but being publicly stoned“Reflected the influencer in a video published after Freijo’s apology.

Beyond his address for an hour, Rebord had the apologies of his influencer colleague. “If someone sends a shit and apologizes, everything is fine, although it could have arrived earlier“, said.

“I never answered the person who started this shitty quagmire. The news portals needed to apologize. For me this was not a super operation but an error on which a whole engineering began to be mounted,” he concluded.

The complete Twitter thread of Florencia Freijo

Florencia Freijo tweets

Florencia Freijo tweets

Florencia Freijo tweets

Florencia Freijo tweets


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