Gabriel Arias referred to the final against Boca Juniors: “It’s a new final, the other has already happened”

the archer of racing club, gabriel ariasaffirmed today that the dispute of the International Super Cup initial bet mouth Juniors, in Abu Dhabi, is “a party apart”. In addition, he separated any type of connection with the controversial Champions Trophywhere winners were established with a 2-1 victory, amid various incidents.

“The final with Boca is a separate match. The other has already happened. It’s a new final, a new match. There are similar things, but also changes. We have to try to play our game,” he said arias.

The Chilean also thought it was “something special” that the match took place in the united Arabs, after the agreement that the AFA finish with that country: “It is very important that the first game of the year already have the possibility of being champion”.

Careers Y Mouth They will face each other next Friday from 12:30 p.m., Argentine time, at the stadium Haza bin Zayed from Abu Dhabi.