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The average gallon remains at $10,167, informed the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission.

The price of gasoline in January 2023 will rise 400 pesos, granted this Friday, December 30, by the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission (Creg). Similarly, the average gallon remains at $10,167.

These prices had already been announced by the National Government, which defined the sending of increases in the price of gasoline for the last quarter of 2022, as part of the measures to reduce the expected deficit in the Fund for Stabilization of Gas Prices. Fuels (FEPC).

The Energy and Gas Regulation Commission presented the document that specifies the pricing policy for Current Motor Gasoline and ACPM for this 2023.

Current gasoline prices will end up with a maximum variation of $400 per gallon. The price of ACPM to the producer has no variation”, he indicated.

For its part, the retail price of ACPM in the different cities of the country will have a maximum adjustment of $65, reaching $9,065 per gallon.

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The increase in the price of regular gasoline aims to reduce the fiscal impact of the FEPC on the National Government due to the dynamics of the international prices of refined products, which they have observed due to international factors such as the price of oil and the level of global risk that affected the exchange rate in the country, detailed ‘Portfolio’.

“Even including the increase in the price of regular gasoline, Colombia continues to have one of the cheapest gasoline and diesel prices in Latin America due to the operation of the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC), which has mitigated the inflationary pressure of the increases in the prices of oil and its derivatives in recent months,” he explained in a statement.

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