Gerardo Morales crossed Pietragalla through Milagro Sala: “We witnessed how the money was stolen in Jujuy”

The secretary of Human Rights, Horace Pietragallatargeted the authorities of Jujuy seven years after the arrest of Miracle Room. This left the anger of the Jujuy governor, Gerardo Moraleswho came out to cross it on Twitter.

“7 years ago, the State must answer before the bodies of the inter-American system and the universal system for the protection of human rights for the abuses of the political and judicial authorities of Jujuy, validated by the Supreme Court, in the arbitrary persecution of Milagro Sala”, Pietragalla expressed on the social network.

Milagro Sala has been in prison for seven years, lost faith in Alberto Fernández but still awaits his “pardon”

There he also posted a flyer reciting “Milagro Sala, 7 years deprived of her freedom“.

Miracle Hall.

Gerardo Morales’s response

In this framework, Morales went out to cross it: “We have all witnessed how the money was stolen in Jujuy and in the country“.

“Justice has not judged ideology or social militancy, has judged specific acts of corruption, respecting due process and constitutional guarantees,” he added.

Morales demanded the transfer of Milagro Sala to a common prison and Tupac Amaru insisted that she be pardoned

Likewise, the radical governor commented. “In addition, they generated the worst culture of violence against people. You are Secretary of Human Rights for all the Argentine people, not for an ideological faction.”

“It would be good for him to listen to the victims. There are the violations of rights that should be eradicated”, concluded Gerardo Morales.

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