Good news for Boca: Hugo Ibarra received a medical discharge

On Wednesday morning during practice for Mouth ahead of the game with Institute for the eighth date of the professional league, Hugo Ibarra he decompensated and suffered a nosebleed for which he was urgently transferred to the Italian Hospital of San Justo Agustín Rocca.

After spending the night in the hospital, the coach xeneizHe received a medical discharge to leave the hospital accompanied by Jorge BatistaBoca doctor heading to his home.

“He had a very good clinically normal evolution, the hospitalization was a precaution to carry out the clinical controls and that he does not have bleeding again,” he said. Sergio Aragondoctor who attended black ibarra.

Regarding the care that Ibarra should have in the coming days, the clinician was categorical: “Normal life, You will have to take precautions and take care of yourself for a couple of days. Absolute rest is not necessary.

Another query was whether the cause had been due to a stress-related issue: “There are multiple causes that can cause these bleeding. You may have had a certain predisposition. We can’t say it was stress or high blood pressure because he has no history”, assured the doctor.