Gustavo López: “Laura Di Marco’s nonsense is not free”

The vice president of ENACOM, Gustavo Lópezassured that a summary was started by the statements of Laura Di Marco and Viviana Canosa in relation to the vice president, Cristina Kirchner, and her daughter Florencia Kirchner. “He has the right to say what he wants now if the law provided for it as it could not be said, he has to take charge,” she clarified.

Lopez clarified that there can be no prior censorship and prohibit someone from saying somethingbut that “what is prohibited is hate speech, discriminatory speech.”Laura Di Marco violates article 70 of the law because it uses two forms of discriminationone of gender against Florencia (Kirchner) and another policy against the vice president”, he explained in dialogue with The Uncover Radio.

“Laura Di Marco’s nonsense is not free,” he emphasized. “If she had said that ‘Cristina stole everything’ we would not intervene, now, what is not protected is incitement to violence, discrimination and stigmatization”. “He has the right to say what he wants now if the law provided for it as it could not be said, he has to bear the consequences,” the officer continued.

Viviana Canosa and Laura Di Marco in their LN+ cycle held Cristina Kirchner responsible for their daughter’s health problems

“Yesterday the summary was made, today it is transferred to the channel (La Nación +), the channel has 10 days to respond, the channel is going to make its discharge and if the discharge is invalid, a sanction is applied that is also appellant before the Justice”, López anticipated. These fines can reach the removal of publicity from the State.

“There is a sanction going around that has not yet been applied; On the day of the attack on the vice president, this channel called it an ‘alleged attack’ and the analysis that was made was that there was discrimination against the victim for political reasons, because if the victim had been someone else it would be called ‘attempted homicide’, but Since the victim is the vice president who has a determined political thought, she is no longer a victim and this mechanism puts people’s lives at risk, we are talking about extreme issues,” he added.

Viviana Canosa took chlorine from the air a couple of years ago and that was sanctioned when it was on another channel because it put the health of the population at risk,” recalled the official.

In relation to the media that received the most sanctions, the vice president of ENACOM said that Crónica is the channel that tops the list because “they do not respect any code, no law, for example, in case of rape of minors they have put minors on the air, the location of the person’s house has been set and this violates the rights of children and adolescents”.

Finally, López stressed that in the case of Di Marco and Canosa “the repudiation was widespread” for messing with the daughter of the vice president. “Qualify the vice president however you want, but don’t mess with the family, because that is protected by the Constitution National”, conclusion.


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