Hate speech and the lawfare against Cristina Kirchner: what the report that the government presented to the UN says

The Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation, Horace Pietragallawill prevail next Monday before the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UN) a report of the area in the country, with criticisms of the government of Mauricio Macri Yet the Justice.

According to official sources, this Saturday Pietragalla left for Geneva, Switzerland, to attend the meeting.

JxC came out to repudiate the government’s report to the UN

The content of the document was leaked this Saturday and quickly was questioned by the main referents of Together for Change. The National Table of the opposition space even came out with a harsh statement in which it said that the official report is “absolutely false.”

JxC repudiated the Human Rights report that the government took to the UN: “It is absolutely false”

“Unusually, in an official report on the human rights situation in Argentina they accuse their own country of violating human rights, to seek in this way, impunity for the crimes of multi-million dollar corruption of his previous Kirchner government,” the opposition leaders emphasized.

The country’s main opposition front expressed “to the United Nations that It is absolutely false that those accused and convicted of corruption have not had the right to defense, since all the corresponding judicial instances intervened in the processes, two for trial, two for appeal and in several cases, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation” And they apologized on behalf of the country for the “lies”.

Cristina, Lawfare and hate speech: what the report says

in a title”Emerging issues: main challenges“, the report prepared by the Secretary of Human Rights makes a “call to attention” to the UN for the “hate speech“that have proliferated and what that implies for democratic coexistence.

“They have gained greater visibility in recent times due to the serious events that have occurred recently, which culminated in the attempted assassination of the current vice president of the Nation and twice president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner“, says the document. According to the report, “it is a complex problem that constitutes a concern at the international level.”

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“Another of the challenges facing our country is the phenomenon of ‘the war of laws‘ or ‘legal warfare’. The current national government and the human rights movement warn that the practice of lawfare –promoted by sectors of the Judiciary, the political opposition and concentrated sectors of economic and media power– constitutes a practice that violates human rights and operates as a condition of electoral processes, the political agenda and public opinion”, the document underlines.

Regarding the cases involving the head of the Senate, the Secretariat said that “the fundamental guarantees of the rule of law are violated under the excuse of investigating and punishing acts of corruption.”

“The basic guarantees of due process are unknown, such as the presumption of innocence, the right to defense and the principle of objectivity that should guide the actions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office,” he adds.

In addition, the report ensures that criminal cases are promoted”only against political references that represent popular sectors“.


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