He adopted a minipig and ate it on the grill

Users of social networks and activists who watch over the rights of animals denounce that a man who converted a minipig grilled it with his friends.

Roma was Mariela’s little pig, who had to give her up for adoption because she couldn’t keep her at home anymore. Confident of her, the woman handed her over to her new owner, who sent her videos playing with her daughters in her house, a large and conducive property so that the minipig can live in peace. But it was all a hoax: as soon as he arrived at his home, he ate it.

The man in question, named facundo medina, contacted Mariela and told her that she wanted to adopt a Roma to play with her little daughters and be the family pet. Seeing that the place was suitable for the growth and development of the animal, the woman agreed and the man went to look for him at his house on January 5.

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the worst outcome

Just a few days after adoption An audio sent to a WhatsApp group of minipigs began to go viral in which they told that a man changed into a “dwarf” pig and then ate it.

The message said that an acquaintance had been given a minipig for adoption and that while he returned from looking for it, he sent photos of the animal to the group of friends so that they could prepare the hot water to skin it and the grill to cook it later.

Medina, as soon as he was well dressed in Rome, shared a photo with her in a van. “With the chanchi”, he wrote in the post he made on her Instagram account. This publication further outraged the activists, since they consider that this attitude was “psychopathic”.

Medina’s post on Instagram with the little pig.

consulted by ClarionThe previous owner of the pig said: “He told me that he wanted to have her as a pet, that he had two girls, he sent me videos playing with the daughters.”

Approached by the same medium, Medina defended himself against the accusations against him: “Is not my bussiness. It’s a computer error“.

The subject pointed out that a law firm specializing in computer crimes “is acting on the case against all computer threats” that he and his family are receiving. He also denies having adopted the animal, despite the fact that his own Instagram posts deny it..

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In the audio that went viral, one of his acquaintances says: “He told me that he had just arrived from taking the pig (to kill). He already learned the fire. What a guanaco, what a damn. I wouldn’t have caught it. She would have left it with the owner. Poor dear. Now the owner is breaking the eggs that she wants the little pig back.”

The voice note reached Mariela’s ears and she called Medina. He told her that she couldn’t have it anymore and that she had given it to someone else that she could have. Unusually I told him that the pig “I was no longer on this plane”.

Pig 20230113
Roma, the minipig that was killed.

The first owner recounted broken into tears: “I want to kill myself. I can’t believe it. It’s very cruel, I feel very bad.”

Medina has already received a criminal complaint, which falls within the Law 14,346 for animal abuse and illegal investigation. the activist Fernando Pieroniwho also lives with two minipigs, said that he will make a civil suit for damages towards the people who gave him up for adoption.

The said law establishes a penalty of “fifteen days to one year” for those who “inflict ill-treatment or make the victim of acts of cruelty to animals.”

Pieroni concluded indignantly: “What he did is terrible. Beyond the fact that millions of pigs are killed, what this guy did is very cynical. He was a precious little pig raised like a dog and the guy went and killed her.”


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