He could have died: lightning struck when he was charging his cell phone and he suffered a strong electric shock

During a strong storm, A 16-year-old boy was using his cell phone while charging it and suffered a strong electric shock, caused by lightning, in Santiago del Estero that could have killed him.

The event occurred last night in a house located on Saavedra Street and National Route 34 in the Santiago city of Herrera. According to the account that Roxana, the victim’s mother, gave to the media the Liberalin the midst of the storm, “a white light was seen that illuminated everything and a very strong explosion was heard”.

In the first moment, The woman thought the carafe had exploded, so she turned off the burner., but not. Immediately, she realized that there was no electricity.

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In this way, he began to call Bruno, his adolescent son, who was in his room and, having no answer, he went to see him. “When I get to the room, he was face down, the charger plugged in and the phone thrown to one side. He didn’t answer me, I started to scream, my husband came and we tried to revive him, at that moment he didn’t answer”, he counted.

Regarding the explosion, Roxana indicated that “It was so strong that it burned the TV and the spotlights”, which is why lightning is supposed to have struck very close to his house.

The state of health of the young man who was electrocuted

Once I found Bruno lying face down on the floor, with the cell phone in his hand and the charger connected. For this very reason, the family quickly contacted the 19th Police Station to request help.

Consequently, the uniformed officers approached the home and had to take a statement from those present while he arrived at the place of medical assistance. Roxana He received them with a nervous breakdown and only went so far as to say that his son “had been electrocuted”.

The hospital to which the young man was transferred.

The young man was taken to the Colonia Dora area hospital, where he remained hospitalized for more than twelve hours. Thank you, Bruno arrived at the medical center conscious, as the specialists managed to stabilize him in the ambulance.


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