He is 4 years old and suffers from a rare malformation in his hands: they seek help so that he can have an operation

Juanita Ghiotti is a 4-year-old girl from the city of Las Heras, Mendoza, who was born with radio agenesis and bot hand, a syndrome that causes a reduction in their upper extremities and their wrists to curve inward. To improve your quality of life, must undergo a specific operation which takes place in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and which costs 17 million pesos.

In order to raise the money, her parents started a campaign so that their daughter can travel and undergo surgery with a leisure transplant and thumb her index finger, since He has no radius bones, no thumbs..

The parents of Fernando Báez Sosa called for a day of prayer and solidarity collection 3 years after his death

In addition, the specialists will put a bone instead of a nail so that do not lose mobility and that bone continues to grow. The operation will be carried out by the doctor Francisco Soldado, head of the Pediatric Traumatology and Orthopedics Service of the HM Nens hospital and an eminence in this type of reconstructions.

From the “Stealing Smiles Foundation” they pointed out that for the moment the family collected 8 and a half million pesos of the 17 that precisely Juanita. When his case became known, several residents of the province of Mendoza mobilized and carried out different solidarity actions, such as a drive-in cinema and the organization of raffles, to help raise the funds and thus collaborate with the trip.

The girl was born on June 13, 2018 at the Lagomaggiore Hospital and although his mother had undergone numerous ultrasound scans due to the risk implied by her diabetesthis malformation was never detected.

As the little girl’s parents explained in a publication, Juanita has already undergone surgery in Mendoza but 60 days after that intervention she was rejected. In the province there is no other way to help her and from there decide to start with the collection.

The surgery that will be performed in Spain consists of remove a bone, tendons and joints from your own foot to rebuild his hands in a certain way. Those who want to collaborate can contact the telephone number of Ruth Dávila, mother of the girl: 0261 154 66 8151 or by sending money to the Foundation, ALIAS: FOUNDATION.DONATE.


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