How much does it cost to go see the National Team at the Monumental?

Román Iucht recounted in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9), details about the Ticketing for the next game of the Selectionon March 23, at the Monumental Stadium.

The AFA communicated, through his social networks, something that was an open secret, the high price of tickets to be able to go see the Selection.

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, from 2:00 p.m., on the Deportick site, it will be possible to purchase tickets. The purchase mode is friendly for anyone who is used to making purchases online, what is not so friendly are the prices.

The general ones, a sector known by law as “the popular”, cost $12,000 and $7,000 for children under 11 years of age. Sívori and Centenario media, behind the arches, cost $24,000. The entrances to San Martín and Belgrano Atlas, on the sides, the most coveted, cost $24,000.

The AFA announced the prices of the tickets for the matches of the Argentine National Team

Those of San Martín and Belgrano low cost $48,000while those of San Martín and Belgrano medians cost $49,000. Converted to dollars, the popular entry would cost about 30 dollars.

It is an entrance to see Messi after being world champion. A show in which the rival becomes secondary. People are going to go to the field in the same way that they would have packed the Monumental Stadium if they played 11 starters against 11 substitutes for the National Team. The attraction does not go by the competitive nature of the meeting, but by to see Messi again and the team that triumphed in Qatar.

From a cost standpoint, almost no one goes to the court alone, so we have to think about an expense higher than the payment of a single entry.

Another thing that must be taken into account is the operation of the platform. Tomorrow, when ticket sales open, thousands of people will connect at the same time to try to buy them. Something that usually happens is that the page falls, when it returns, the tickets are sold out and resale begins in other ways.

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There is practically nothing else that unites the Argentine population, regardless of age or social class, than soccer, The love for Messi and the Selection.

There is a context, in all this, which is that love and that desire to see Messi and the team play. If there were a stadium with 500,000 people and not 80,000 as the Monumental has, it would also be foreseeable that every last ticket would be sold, because the phenomenon is extraordinary.

Comparatively, for a Spaniard who wants to attend to see the manchester city or to real Madrid, the cheapest tickets are around 35 dollars, taking into account that they are larger stadiums and where the proximity and visibility is much less. However, Purchasing power is very different in Argentina than in England.

After the Argentina team was world champion, on June 26, 1986A few days later, on July 9, a match was played between River and Boca for the Copa Libertadores de América and there was a heartfelt tribute to the players of both teams who had been world champions. The National Team played again at the end of the year against Germany on the Vélez stadium and the stadium was completely filled. It was the ideal scenario, because the confrontation with Germany was repeatedJust like in the World Cup.

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The Government is still discussing the security operation, taking into account the influx of people that the presence of the players at the Monumental can generate. The situation is completely exceptional and close to overflow, like when he came back from Qatar, and the cost of which is also a sensitive issue. Possibilities are evaluated as transfer the players by helicopter to the stadiumand the details of the contingents of forces to contain the crowd are being refined.

But, going back to the issue of price, 30 dollars to see Messi world champion is not expensive, what happens is that what we earn, in pesos, is very little.

Obviously, the postponement until now in publishing the ticket prices had to do with the debate of what price to sell the tickets for.

It is true that the public that buys the most expensive tickets will surely sell them out, and that this sector can make a difference so that the popular tickets are cheaper. But at the published prices, “the popular” ceases to be something really popularlike so many other things in Argentina.


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