How the generational change impacts companies

All organizations experience a stressful time when they have to change to fit contextwhether they want it or not. significant let go of the old, the familiar and what works and requires having the courage to accept the unknown and embrace uncertainty.

Getting rid of habits and the ways in which things are done is the first step for that transition towards the new to be successful.

Transformation is one of the main tasks of the organization, that each time requires to be done with greater speed and frequency. Although it does not impact on the history already written and does not threaten its roots or its values, It can lead to a change in their culture, its business model and its people, which is initially rejected by owners, shareholders and directors.

The positive impact of Coaching on companies and organizations

It seems that the transformation now is something natural but it is a difficult process, it has to be planned and requires assuming losses, as hard as they are necessary. The protagonists are neither more nor less than the different generations that will leave and those that will enter, will transfer shape to the general withdrawal that the organizations must also carry out.

Youth and new leadership

Young people have other priorities and handle themselves in a different way with respect to their relationship with work. They are no longer going to work their entire lives at one job and possibly have more than one job at a time, with multiple bosses and projects.

Today they want to evaluate the reputation of the brand employed by the company in which they work, the impact it has on the environment and what values ​​it defends, not only with respect to its clients or relatives, but also in how it treats each actor in its ecosystem, no matter how far away they are from the business.

Family businesses: changing the look to achieve new results

The new leadership will expose new work environments, with other perspectives on gender and equal opportunities, as well as the balance between personal and work life. Concepts such as harmony over balance will surely begin to emerge, thinking that the new generations can stop having to neutralize negative aspects with positive ones.

It is about avoiding the zero-sum game, to ensure that all the responsibilities that are assumed are in favor of a purpose and that they can be aligned in all orders of life. For companies, it will require flexibility, greater benefits, real development programs and opportunities adapted to each collaborator.

Adapting to current times is not going to be an option, but rather the only alternative, with all its nuances included. Only in this way will companies be able to carry out the generational change that the context demands of them.

* Co-founder and COO at High Flow

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