How to survive the jungle of work

With time and experience, we develop and nurture our labor instinct, the one that helps us differentiate what adds up from what remains, the possible from the unlikely, and the important from the urgent, when reasons seem to tie the score.

I started working 25 years ago, at a time when there were more job opportunities than there are right now, due to many factors, but to name a few, there were just fewer people in the world competing for opportunities, and a lot of things weren’t. There were still results from the internet and automations.

As I grew professionally, I began to see the world of work as a great jungle, where we have to coexist and survive everything that surrounds us: competition, exams, managing difficult situations, unforeseen events, improvement, self-management, among others.

Generally, it is not popular to tell the difficult part of the world of work, if it is not done to inspire. However, these are very important aspects that, if we understand them, can damage our bond with it.

Next, I leave you 9 topics so that you can make your stay visible and work better in today’s complex labor market:

1. Hard truths. Even if it is uncomfortable, it is better to know them than to ignore them.

2. Employment contract. Sometimes it works for a while, sometimes forever, and sometimes never. Accepting when it is over and acting based on this is essential.

3. Kind sincerity. Let’s take advantage of the critical observation of others towards us. Even if it is difficult and it hurts, it is always better to know her.

4. Push. The discipline of going forward even if there are setbacks, which are part of the path that must be traveled.

5. Performing force. It just has to be done. Take action all we want.

6. Make our shortcomings visible. Being aware of what we lack is the beginning of our evolution.

7. Full readiness. First give and then receive.

8. View the entire map. Let’s not just look at what we want to see. Observing everything even though there is darkness brings us closer to the light.

9. Let no one forget your name. At the end of your career path, it doesn’t count how much money you earned or the achievements you’ve had, the only thing that counts is your reputation.

If any of this resonates with you, then it’s that way.

The author is Founder & Director of Movant Connection | Founder and CEO of GEA Logistics

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