How we accelerate the incorporation of the skills of the future within the educational system

The labor market is constantly changing and demands new skills from people, such as the ability to innovate, critical thinking, collaboration, joint creativity and, of course, technological skills are and will be necessary to undertake and / or grow in modern organizations. The latter become more relevant when it comes to incorporating new collaborators, so we can affirm that the digital transformation is not only changing people, but also the entire labor market and educational system.

At Intel, we are committed to our global objectives by 2030 to achieve the existing digital divide, democratizing access to the most advanced technologies, focusing on their use and appropriation. We want to make millions of people able to include technology in their lives and make it accessible to everyone. For this reason, we understand that the work we have been developing helps and enhances the socio-emotional and technical skills necessary for the jobs of the future. In this sense, all our efforts are aimed at guaranteeing the empowerment and development of the new generations.

In relation to the above, we accompany numerous educational projects, developing new proposals, solutions and technological platforms and we participate in events around the world to achieve this objective, as is the case of the 4th Forum of Leaders for Educationwhich took place last Tuesday, September 13 in Buenos Aires.

Globally, there is a gap between new jobs that require digital skills and the workforce that lacks them to fill these positions, known as digital skills crisis. This situation is already part of the global political agenda and governments are implementing strategies and policies to create professionals prepared to strengthen their global competitiveness.

Aware of this scenario and in line with our objective of contributing to change and innovation in society, we have implemented the following programs in Argentina that are part of the broad portfolio of digital preparation projects:

Intel Skills for Innovation (SFI)

is a global program for teachers and education professionals to create their own innovative learning experiences. Work is being done in various countries with teachers who are already mentors and are multiplying the content and experiences learned in this training. The program can be carried out in a self-managed way, of 40 virtual hours. We began to implement it in 2021 with very positive results regarding the transformation in teaching practice. During 2022 we added other regions within Argentina. In fact, this year we already had a pilot experience at Esteban Echeverría Technical School No. 1, where we worked for more than 12 months setting up a technological laboratory and teaching support for curricular articulation. This experience is showing unique results where we shorten the digital divide by enriching the appropriation of the tools that showed more difficulty by more than 35%, with a real impact on how students understood the content addressed. The possibility of making a presentation at the Youth Fairs will be highlighted, based on the use of software applications in Natural Sciences (specifically, it will be a 3D representation of cell membranes). On September 14, 2022, we launched the September program in the Province of San Juan, which obtained the ministerial resolution to grant teaching scores, an unprecedented event worldwide for Intel and which we continue to work to quickly replicate in other provinces, showing Argentina in a unique position.

SkillsForInnovation, offers a series of orientation guides that link the 21st Century Skills (socio-emotional and cognitive) with specific disciplines, so that all teachers can develop pedagogical proposals linked to knowledge of the 4th industrial revolution. It should be noted that, through an agreement with the national government, the contents of the program are available free of charge and online on the website of Digital Country

Intel® Artificial Intelligence for Youth

This initiative is part of BA Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; a joint action with the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the National Technological University, to train young people between 18 and 25 years of age free of charge. In this program, students are trained in the most relevant topics of this discipline to be able to face the challenges linked to the management of large volumes of data. We can say with great pride that to date more than 100 young people have been trained, of which 50% have been women.

This program will already be reinforced in the municipality of Vicente López and 3 de febrero, who have strengthened their own spaces with more technology, incorporating Intel content and OpenVino(r) tools. We have already been fulfilling the dream of bringing Artificial Intelligence to all of Argentina.

These initiatives seek that all the knowledge acquired can be put into practice to face the challenges that the technological labor market has in store for us, one of the sectors with the greatest growth projection. These opportunities require special attention in education, to provide the new generations with the necessary tools to adapt, implement and innovate with creativity, commitment and enthusiasm, and from Intel we are very proud to be able to accompany this great process.

By Hernán Muhafara, Director of Public Sector and Education for Latin America at Intel.

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